The Different Types of Swimming Pools and Why Americans Love Them So Much

by Pool Builders on 09-16-2009 in Articles

Most people enjoy using swimming pools to either cool off on a hot day or to swim laps for a great workout. Simi Valley swimming pools have been around for many decades and the kinds of pools that are out there now are a lot more than the old rectangle in ground concrete Thousand Oaks swimming pool or the circle shaped above the ground ones that used to be the only options. This article will discuss the different kinds of swimming pools you can find that are open to the public or the kinds that you may have installed in your very own backyard.

Most homeowners do not have their own pools unless you live in a very warm climate like Florida, Arizona or California where the percentage in those states is a bit higher. Even then, a lot of people do not have a personal swimming pool and therefore have to go to another location in order to swim in one. Health clubs and gyms are now providing their members with state of the art pools in their facilities that cater to their clients various needs. Large lap pools are used for the real swimmers that want to get in a workout and other recreation pools complete with slides and zero gravity entrances are great for families with children.

Indoor water parks have also become very popular, particularly in cold weather climates where the people living there suffer cabin fever from being stuck indoors during the chilly winters. One big example of a place with several huge indoor water parks is the Wisconsin Dells that attracts many Midwesterners to be able to swim and go on extreme water slides and rides in a comfortable 82 degree atmosphere. Each year, the water parks try to outdo one another with the next best ride to add to their facility to draw in more people. Some places even have a water roller coaster that can go up as well as down.

If you are interested in putting in a pool in your own backyard, there are so many styles to choose from now. You can have a pool put in just about every shape today and it can also be as deep or shallow as you would like too. Many homeowners are fond of the styles that are surrounded by what looks like natural rock and other natural looking elements, almost like a grotto effect. If you want a slide but do not like a fiberglass blue colored one, you can actually have a composite that looks like rock that slides into the pool but just looks like part of the natural landscaping.

Whether you have a small pool in your yard just to cool off in or you go surfing at a huge water park in a wave pool, the options for swimming pools are endless. Many people are also installing pools in their backyards instead of taking vacations in this slower economy choosing to have staycations instead of going to an exotic location.

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