The Dolphin Dynamic Pro X - A True Money Saver

by Pool Builders on 10-24-2010 in Articles

A new, advanced technological era has begun for the automatic design machines and equipment for swimming pool maintenance. Pool cleaning technology has had many new developments over time. With the progress made in modern electronic technology, the Dolphin brand of pool cleaners has made a new automatic pool cleaner. Cleaning a large swimming pool is cumbersome and will eat up a lot of your time. Dolphin has produced a robotic advance cleaner and named it the Dynamic Pro X cleaner. They have been in this field for the last 24 years and they have used that time to make better cleaners. This specific Dolphin Dynamic Pool Cleaner model is a combination of a cleaner and filter for your impressively large swimming pool.

The Dolphin Dynamic Pro X cleaner takes the cleaning work to a whole new level it's almost art. It is made with COP microprocessor and flash technology. This Dolphin Dynamic Pool Cleaner can clean and filter a full-sized swimming pool brimming with water with no trouble due to its superbly efficient scanning program. You'll never have to worry about twisted cables again as it has a new swivel system that is designed to avoid such a thing from happening at all. It is an advanced, robotic cleaner and yet it retains its simple handling technology and is very user-friendly. This Dolphin Dynamic Cleaner model can clean the floor of a near-Olympic sized swimming pool in less than 3 hours.

The Dolphin Dynamic Pro X pool cleaner is specially made for the larger swimming pools up to 100 feet in length. Your pool will look as good as new every time when it cleans the floor and walls of your swimming pool. It makes use of microfilters, which works like a separate water filter for the swimming pool water. This Dolphin Dynamic Cleaner works independently with its pumps and filters and requires very little monitoring. This robotic automatic cleaner vacuums and scrubs the entire wall, floor and the waterline. It can work efficiently and its scanning method can be adjusted accordingly. It also has its own auto-monitoring and self-diagnostics software. It also has an automatic suction control program which can adjust the suction rate of the pump when the filter gets dirty.

It can save your money as it saves the electricity usage up to 50% costs and chemical costs of up to 30%. It can also save the costs of backwashing as well. This Dolphin Dynamic Pool Cleaner is a proven product of Dolphin, a trusted name in pool cleaning equipment.

It is also a great solution for the beach-type entry installation. Because of its exclusive corner cleaning movement and specially designed air sensor Dolphin Dynamic Pro X cleaner it has no troubles with beach-type entries.

Your seemingly endless search for an efficient automatic cleaner has come to an end. Just go to your nearest pool supply store ask for a Dolphin Dynamic Pro X pool cleaner. You can buy this model of Dolphin Dynamic Pool Cleaner online as well.

Take advantage of this money and energy saving equipment and your initial investment could pay off very big in the long-term!

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