The Dolphin Dynamic Pro X Shows a Clear Difference   

by Pool Builders on 11-01-2010 in Articles

Pool maintenance is a heavy work. Manual cleaning of swimming pools regularly is now very impracticable. That's why the automatic swimming pool cleaner has come into its own market. As manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners, Dolphin is a known and trusted name as they have been this field for last 24 years.

With the advanced electronics technology it has accumulated over time, Dolphin made a robotic automatic swimming pool cleaner known as the Dolphin Dynamic pro X pool cleaner. It is a good idea to install this cleaner rather installing two or three different cleaning and filtering equipments.

The Dolphin Dynamic pro X pool cleaner is the next generation automatic cleaners built for large-scale swimming pools. Think Olympics. This cleaner can clean a pool up to a length of 100 feet in less than 3 hours. The main features of this robotic Dolphin Dynamic cleaner are the COP microprocessor with flash technology.

Its superb efficient scanning technology can scan and adjust the cleaner accordingly to make the pool clean and fresh. By making use of this in your pool you can rid yourself of cable twisting problems because of its new swivel design that prevents it from happening. This cleaner is a combo pack of cleaning and filtering the swimming pool floor, wall, water line and the water.

The Dolphin Dynamic pro X cleaner consists of a superb scanning technology with auto-error detecting and diagnostic software. It has a microfilter which acts as a separate filter for cleaning the swimming pool water. This Dynamic cleaner is a proven product in the market for large size swimming pool as it is a proven workhorse that outperforms other pool cleaners. It works independently with its filters and pumps and can adjust the cleaning technology as per the needs. You can get a fresh look in your swimming pool every time by running this specific model Dolphin Dynamic Cleaner.

Though packed with new modern technology still it is very easy and simple to handle as it is very user-friendly. The Dolphin Dynamic pro X cleaner makes use of automatic suction control technology which automatically increases the suction rate when the filters get dirty. It is your money saved as it efficiently cuts electricity costs of up to 50 % and chemical costs of up to 30%. You don't need to backwash the equipment, too. If your swimming pool is beach type then also you can still use this cleaner because of its exclusive corner cleaning movement and specially designed air sensor.

Because of its out-thinking and out-cleaning technology the Dolphin Dynamic Pro X pool cleaner is the better choice hands down compared to similar product in the market. It's amazing how its price remains competitive even with all the technology packed into it.

You can ask for the model Dolphin Dynamic cleaner discussed here at your nearest pool supply centre or you can buy it online. It will definitely keep your swimming pool in clean, fresh and tidy condition because the Dolphin Dynamic pro X pool cleaner took the cleaning technology to near artistic levels.

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