The Easy, Trouble-Free Answer for a Perfect Lawn Year-Round  

by Pool Builders on 10-28-2013 in Articles

There's one job most gardeners hate - maintaining the perfect, emerald green, manicured lawn! Grass, it seems, has a mind of its own, an inflated sense of its own importance and the expectation of being watered copiously every day and mowed and fertilized at least once a week. Whilst most flowering plants and all trees can happily cope with dry periods, our precious expanses of lawn will wither and brown over at the least sign of a mini-drought.

Even if bushes are perfectly trimmed, dead leaves are raked up the minute they fall and the spray taken out the minute a single leaf-eating insect hooves into view, a parched, uncooperative lawn wrecks the look of the most carefully-tended garden. If you're into shady trees it refuses to grow at all and, if you're lucky enough to have a swimming pool, there's no way it's be surrounded by lush, green grass. Even a whiff of chlorine gives grass a near-death experience.

People who love nature in the form of beautiful blooms and glossy, green foliage are equally likely to adore their pets, in spite of the effect a dog or two can have on the lawn. Dogs dig, dogs pee and dogs do other unmentionable things to the average lawn, and cats aren't much help either! A combination of grass, canines and felines is enough to break any gardener's heart.

Cutting down trees, uprooting swimming pools, getting rid of the family pets and spending your days juggling between fertilizer and sprinkler systems obviously isn't the answer. Nor, for the committed gardener, is digging up and replacing the lot with decorative tiles or terracotta bricks. That seductive expanse of green fronting your flower beds is as necessary as a BBQ and loungers to the average Aussie.

So - what to do? Here's where Surface-it comes to your rescue. This Sydney company is expert in installing its own special brand of artificial lawn, especially around pools and under trees where the real stuff's given up for good. The product is perfect for children and pets, and needs no maintenance to stay glowingly green all year round, leaving you to relax after donating your lawnmower to charity.

If you're desperate to get rid of your temperamental lawn and try synthetic grass, Sydney based Surface-it is happy to help, at a surprisingly reasonable cost. Their FB40 grass is the most popular, and it can be laid in places where a traditional lawn would be impossible, such as on a deck or even on steps. If you're a do-it-yourself fiend, the company's range of professional tools for the job will make installation a dream, although the majority of clients prefer to watch the process whilst sipping a cold brew rather than take part.

For golfing fans with mansions and grounds as well as those with a spare space for putting practice who're considering an artificial lawn, Sydney is the place to be. Surface-it's artificial putting and golf greens have been installed in Australian Open winners' green spaces. A unique, custom-designed combination of synthetic turf and heavy-duty underlay gives the perfect surface for hours of happy practice.

An alternative for avid golfers with limited space is the latest and greatest idea from this company, the roll-out, portable putting green. You can place in anywhere, even in your living room, remembering to ask your wife's permission, and it comes in it own cool denim carry-bag. At the other extreme, the company caters for wholesale as well as retail, and can install its products outside schools, in commercial complexes and on parched playing fields.

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