The Feelings That Go Into Pool Ownership  

by Pool Builders on 07-04-2008 in Articles

While many people think they use logic instead of emotion to make decisions, recent studies conclude that is most likely not the case. Some people even go to the extreme of believing that emotions control all decisions. If you find this difficult to believe, try to recall the last automobile commercial you saw on TV. Much of the ad portrayed a view from behind the wheel to show the look and feel of the car and ignored more pertinent details important to the buyer. It is evident that the ad was meant to appeal to the viewer's emotions rather than their logic.

However logic is very important when making a decision as big as whether to have a pool built on your property. To decide whether it's the right choice for you, consider several of the usual motivations for owning a pool.

Some people choose to have a pool to gain status in their community or just to fit in with their neighbors. Even non-swimmers may consider pool ownership a necessity in order to "keep up with the Jones" personally and professionally. Having a pool to fit in is called "pride of ownership;" most people do not consider this a bad thing because of the results of this pride. Nice looking lawns and front yards without cars on blocks are some benefits when a homeowner has "pride of ownership."

Some feel owning a pool gives them a retreat from life's tensions. Coming home after a hard day at work to the cool, sparkling, blue waters of a personal pool will feel like spending time relaxing in a five-star resort. For such an individual, a pool is crucial for achieving peace and serenity.

For some, owning a pool constitutes a major part of the entertaining they do in their home. When having friends over for a pool party, consider floating flowers for a Hawaiian Luau, stringing a pi±ata over the pool for a Mexican Fiesta, or buying several beach balls and a pool volleyball net for a beach-themed party. Owning a pool gives you countless ways to entertain guests.

Lots of people feel a pool is a necessity for keeping their children busy in the summertime. Children never grow tired of playing in a pool. Parents can allow their children to have fun in a safe environment by having a pool at their home and controlling aspects of pool play.

Most people that own pools probably chose to do so because of a combination of two or more reasons. Homeowners must use sound judgment and reason when choosing to build a swimming pool, aside from the emotional and psychological factors. An example of the importance of researching a pool company is the scandal that happened in 2006. A pool company in the Sacramento area left many homeowners with faulty or incomplete pools. In order to avoid this type of problem with your own pool, make sure you take time to speak to others who have used the company you are considering, and make sure to choose a company that has been around long enough to make and keep a good reputation. Contact the State's Contractors License Board to validate the company is also a good way to check up on them.

Emotional satisfaction will be achieved if time is taken to do the research up front. Quality companies will have nothing to hide and will want customer satisfaction when the pool is finished.

Happy swimming!

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