The Filter Cartridges of the Pools

by Pool Builders on 11-14-2008 in Articles

Pool filter cartilages are generally used for the sake of filtration of unwanted materials from the filtration tube. There are different types of filters and they vary widely according to their price and functions.

Spun Bonded Filter Cartridge

Spun Bonded Filter Cartridge consists of 100% polypropylene fibers. The fibers are carefully spun together in order to create a proper gradient density from outer to inner surface. Filter cartridges are available either with core or without core version. The superior structure is actually integral to the main body and in spite of unfriendly operating conditions it works properly. Since the Polypropylene fibers are blown continuous on central molded core, there is no requirement for binders, resins or lubricants.

Operation technique: The unfiltered fluid passes through depth filter matrix and thus it helps in withholding of the finer particles. This provides better efficiency, greater dirt retention & filter life. The fluid mixed with debris flows from outside to inside through filter medium. The dirt particles are held securely in the filter matrix and the clean fluid flows out through the other side of the cartridge.

The main features of the pool filter cartridges are the following:

  • They are free of surfactants, binders and adhesives
  • They allow an excellent flow with low pressure drop
  • They possess a high dirt holding capacity
  • They also have a high strength & pressure resistance
  • They are made of 100 % Polypropylene for a wide chemical compatibility
  • Nominal & absolute filtration rating is possible

Bag Filter Housing

Bag filter system is constructed for optimum filtration operations. They are chiefly useful for filtering huge quantities of high viscosity liquids. Bag filter is made up of filter housing, internal cage to support bags, filter bags, positive sealing arrangement, & choice of end connections. There is an internal support of the bag filter housing which makes sure that the bag doesn't burst since a high differential pressure is created during the operation.


The unfiltered fluid passes into the housing and is dispersed evenly on all sides of the filter bags. Filtration occurs from inside to outside. Solid particles are collected on the inner side of filter bag for easy elimination. The filtered fluid passes out through the outlet pipe.

The main Features & Benefits:
o High rate of flow
o Pressure drop is low
o Good dirt retention capacity
o Positive valve arrangement to shun bypassing
o Apt for PP Collar, Rigid Ring & Snap Band Bags

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