The Five Advantages Of Above Ground Pool Kits Over Inground Ones

by Pool Builders on 05-09-2012 in Articles

Inground swimming pools still outnumber above ground pool kits by a million. But, they are in no way a less attractive option than the former. In fact, they are currently the most preferred type of swimming facility in the United States because of the following reasons:

1. They are more affordable. Inground pools cost around $8,000 to $18,000 while above ground ones can be bought between $150 and $1,500. Obviously, there is a big discrepancy between how much a family would have to spend getting one over the other. Apart from that, it would be much easier to get a discount on the latter from reliable resources.

2. It takes less time to put together. Above ground pool kits can be prepared within a day without any delay. Plus, if you are good in negotiating, you could acquire assistance for free with your purchase. Inground pools need excavation and landscaping before it can be put in place. With the manpower that is required, as well as the time it usually takes to accomplish the job, families will have to exert more patience and money to make things happen.

3. They are less demanding of space. Above ground pools that are 17 feet in diameter will only occupy 17 feet in your backyard, pool slides and all. But with inground pool installation, since it requires some digging, the space affected will actually be much bigger than the pool's actual size. If a family has a limited space in their backyard, it will be impossible or ill-fitting to have them applied.

4. They are accommodating to environmental changes. Inground ones are lifetime commitments. You can't easily take them out and transfer them to another place if you are expanding, renovating or transferring to another address. Above ground swimming pools are the complete opposite. You can just take it apart piece by piece and reassemble them in another place or have a few men carry it as it is to where it is supposed to be.

5. Lastly, they are easier to maintain. Since every part is not hidden or out of reach, you can easily clean, replace or fix anything in an above ground swimming pool. If there is a leak inside or outside, it can be distinguished right away and resolved without any hassle. With inground ones, you usually have to make it a point to actually look for problems and you may have some difficultly to replace faulty parts that are embedded in the ground.

Above ground pools may not look as glamorous compared to inground ones at first glance. But all that can be altered with the right fixtures. Pool slides, lights, lining and floaters can do a lot to transform one's perspective. If you wish, you can throw in a little shrubbery alongside the borders of the facility to make it look more exotic. You could also choose to paint the structure over with some graffiti to personalize the facility. Add these options to the above advantages and the notable resilience of above ground swimming pools, and you will have a worthwhile deal for summer to consider.

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