The Four Top Five-Stars in Varadero.  

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Would you like to know the best Five-Star Hotels in Varadero Beach? We are usually doubtful when we have to decide where to spend our vacations, since the information that agencies and tour operators provide is never enough to answer our questions, especially if it's not always reliable due to the time-based changes in the comfort and conditions of hotels and other hotel facilities. To make up our current list, we resorted to the traveler's opinions found in the well-known site Trip Advisor. Here are our most sincere conclusions.

Hotel Iberostar Varadero:

It occupies the first place according to reported opinions. The Iberostar Varadero hotel is a luxurious complex located beach front, so that access to the sea has no interferences whatsoever. Spacious and cozy rooms contribute to very pleasant visits, full of highly valued details such as availability of independent shower and bathtub within the rest rooms. The room cleanliness of Iberostar is highlighted among the merits of the resort. It can boast of a remarkably beautiful beach strand in Varadero, but it also has several swimming pools allowing space and recreation no matter how many tourists swim in them at the same time.
Concerning food quality and diversity, Iberostar Varadero hotel is rated as excellent, according to the opinions of guests eating at the buffet or at the several a la carte restaurants spread throughout the Hotel. Bars are very well stocked.
To all the amenities mentioned before, we should unavoidably add the service quality, on account of the many references to it stated everywhere.
The stay is made more pleasant by the efforts of the entertainment (recreation) hosts all through the day, as well as in the night time activities. The shows at night are especially recommended, which makes going out of the hotel for fun completely unnecessary. However, we should point out that the shows end at two in the morning, a common characteristic to most of the Varadero hotels.
One of the opinions in the mentioned site was: €It is better to spend one day less of your vacation in Iberostar Varadero than to save money and spend two more days in another hotel€.

Hotel Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa:

It's the second place according to the registered opinions, a Five-Star Hotel Ultra All Inclusive.
From the architectonic point of view, the Paradisus Varadero is an outstandingly beautiful hotel; said in this way we can grasp an idea of the aspect of the building. The place where it stands is magnificent: positioned in the midst of a biosphere reserve, it allows the visitor to enjoy unique landscapes and to be in contact with the local fauna species. This Resort & Spa is in front of a very special seaside strand in Varadero, located within the frame of the standard hotel area.
The Paradisus Varadero hotel offers royal service for the guests who require it. In this category we have found not even a single complaint, everybody repeatedly speaks about the opulence and many comforts in the rooms, which include Jacuzzi. The presence of butlers provides the guests with personalized service. The peace and quiet for resting is one of the best cards of the hotel, due to the construction design of four-room bungalows. The stock of the royal service bars is one of the highlighted aspects since it is pointed out the All-inclusive availability of high-quality beverages even in the pool bar, which doesn't have a €wet bar€ but which is very accessible.
Some comments recorded in Trip Advisor underscore little details calling the attention of any guests as being very luxurious; it is considered as INCREDIBLE the fact that plastic glasses are not used in the pool bar. Instead, when a drink calls for a glass, it is served in crystal-looking glasses in order not to renounce the glamour of a five-star hotel and at the same time giving the guest the possibility of walking into the pool with his or her nice drink.
In the gastronomic area, the Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa is provided with several buffet and themed restaurants where the widest choice of food can be tasted, prepared according to the highest quality standards as befits top-class restaurants.
In the hotel standard area there is another, much bigger pool which has different depths to satisfy all needs. The Hotel also provides diving lessons free of cost to ensure the satisfaction of those who may choose to enjoy tropical sea underwater.

Hotel Paradisus Princesa del Mar Resort & Spa:

Five Star Resort Ultra All Inclusive of 434 rooms, it was conceived only for adults older than 18 years of age. This exclusive aspect is something to bear in mind if what you have in mind is peace and quiet for your rest. To this, we should add the awesome location of the hotel in the tip of the peninsula of Varadero. Particularly, in the guests' opinions, this resort is singled out by the fact that the typical all-inclusive bracelet is not placed in your wrist.
We would like to report on one of the comments we read inasmuch as it seemed to us to be very special: €In general, the hotel looked much more beautiful once there than in the agency pictures. It is funny because it is usually the opposite case€.
The beach is permanently very clean; the sea, quite a show of splendidly contrasting colors.
The Paradisus Princesa del Mar Hotel has great variety of specialized restaurants with different types of cuisines and gastronomic offers bringing about diversity and quality into your days and eliminating tediousness by changing the type of food. A special mention goes to the Japanese restaurant, for the exhibition of culinary art of the waiters and chef, contributing to the entertainment of your vacations.
The rooms are very cozy and clean, as is always expected from a Five Star hotel.
The service provided at all times is one of the aspects to point out in the hotel Paradisus Princesa del Mar, the highest quality in all areas. Beyond comparison is the service at the beach bar, where you can have a bite or drink anything or everything you would like.
Diving services are also provided.
Recorded opinions show that the Paradisus Princesa del Mar is as excellent as other Five Star hotels equally located in the Caribbean, regarding comfort and service quality.

Hotel Sandals Royal Hicacos:

This is another of the top ones in Varadero beach: a very quiet hotel for people above 18 years. Its location, between the sea and the wilderness, provides a paradise-like touch to your leisure. Very spacey rooms, quiet, well equipped and impeccably clean also have very good bathrooms.
The share of Varadero Beach that corresponds to the Sandals Royal Hicacos exhibits fantastic conditions, the best stretches of shore, since we have to admit that not all the beach is as excellent.
A nice touch of the Royal Hicacos is that the visitor is always reminded that they will constantly hear the sound of running water, which contributes to maximum relaxation in their vacations. The former is caused by the particular plan of the resort, which is provided with little canals all around it where rivers flow permanently.
The facilities of this Sandals Royal are magnificent. It has two swimming pools for those who do not like the beach sand too much. The main one is the largest and better supplied, with wet bar very well-stocked. The pool has different depths and has several falls and bridges which appeal to the relaxing guest.
Other outstanding amenities of the hotel are the diving services, among them two scuba diving tanks included in the total price of the stay in the Royal Hicacos. The former makes a difference favorable to the visitor with respect to other hotels also situated in Varadero Beach.
All in all, a superb hotel complex, great service, good food and drinks, a Super Class Hotel.

This far goes our selection. We hope it will be useful when you want to choose your next vacation destination in the Caribbean.

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