The Freeboard or Skimmer Pool  

by Pool Builders on 04-02-2011 in Articles

The freeboard pool is also referred to as the skimmer pool. This is one of the most frequently built swimming pool designs. It is easier to build than the deck level or overflow type. The shape or design of the free board pool is left purely up to one's imagination.

Generally the top edging is finished with edge tiling. The water level is generally around 6 inches below the top deck of the swimming pool. The water goes out of the pool through floor sumps, which are usually located at the deep end. Then the water goes through filters, using the circulating pump system, and is cleansed with the sanitizer and if needed, warmed up, before it is returned back via return water inlets which are usually found in the walls, or floor of the pool. The filter removes the actual dirt from the water and the sanitizer kills any bacteria in the water.

If the freeboard pool is to be kept as clean as possible, which is its best condition for it to be in, the total body of water has to be removed a few times a day. It needs to go through the filters and the sanitizer in one way or another. The skimmer box was developed to more reliably draw the surface water out, and it works fine for smaller pools. With the larger designs, the skimmers are mostly replaced by an overflow channel. When that is so the water overflows constantly into the balance tank, from where it is pumped back into the circulation system. That type of design is known as the overflow, or deck-level pool.

Efficient top water removal is essential with the freeboard design, as most of the pollutants lie within the top 25mm. This is usually overcome by the use of several surface skimmer units spaced around the internal face of the pool tank.

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