The Future In Swimming Pool Cleaning - A Revolutionary Self Cleaning Tile

by Pool Builders on 01-03-2007 in Articles

In the future due to a new technology will cause public and private swimming to be very clean and hygiene. Thanks to a new self cleaning tile; a company based in Europe is working in developing a new special tile that "cleans itself", prevent bacteria and self clean dirt.

This revolutionary new technology is geared towards tiles which are used to the walls and the bottom of swimming pools. This technology will be also applied in the future to hospital surgery rooms and food processing factories and plats which require extremely high standards of technology.

How is it possible? What kind of technology? During the final coating process the tile is plated with a special coating that has an active material. When the sunlight hits the tile it causes it to oxidize (because of the special coating) and then the bacteria and viruses are immediately destroyed and removed. Moreover this active coating causes the water to evenly spread on the tiles -- and this cause the dirt to be washed away. Swimming pool using this technology will look and be much cleaner and hygiene.

Still your swimming pool will need chlorine and maintenance but in much lower frequency. This new revolutionary tile is expected to be out in market for sale in summer 2008, it will come in different sizes and colors, the prospective price is $45 per square meter. If the new technology found as effective as described above you are expected to find it in the majority of public swimming pools by 2010.

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