The Giant Pool in a Popular Resort is Listed in the Book of Records

by Pool Builders on 03-12-2008 in Articles

South America has always attracted the travelers by its rich culture and nature. Today, building up with comfortable hotels, and offering tourists the exotic "paradisaical" resorts, it becomes even more popular. One of the most mysterious countries of the Southern hemisphere - is Chile (with its amazing ski resorts and lakes). However, since recently one should start the travel to this country not from this.

Beginning to plan the journey to this amazing country, famous for its impressive landscape and diverse climate, one should first of all note in his or her plan the visiting of San Alfonso del Mar resort, situated in the Algarrobo city. On the territory of this picturesque place, plentiful of the high class 5-stars hotels, the Chrystal Lagoons company has built a pool, recently admitted by the representatives of the "Guinness Book of World Records" to be the biggest pool in the world. Formerly, this title belonged to the Moroccan "Big Splash", having the length of just 136 meters and the width of 91 meters.

This is not even a pool, but a whole artificial Lagoon, stretching for one kilometer and containing about 250 thousand cubic meters of salt water. The pool's budget is 1 billion dollars, which is a small wonder: the territory it occupies, is 8 hectares and the depth in some places reaches 35 meters.

Since the day of its opening, a lot of people already came to splash in the pearly-clear salt water of the unique artificial lagoon. Of course, there is no rich man in the world, who can boast with such a giant pool, in which one can swim in a boat. So, the wealthy tourists, not bothering themselves with the charge of 2 million dollars (namely this sum is needed for keeping the pool), are enjoying pastime on the South of Chile.

Fresh salt water is constantly and slickly flowing into the Chilean "monster" due to the computer filtering and change of water system. The temperature in the pool is not of a less comfort; it is naturally warmed up to the 26 degrees, which is 9 degrees more than the temperature of the neighboring sea. It cannot be denied, that the authors of the grand project, calling it a "glorious artificial paradise" are absolutely right.

Among one of the most interesting water sights of this planet is the highest fountain in the world located in Saudi Arabia. The jet height is 312 meters!

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