The Gunite Pool: A Popular Swimming Pool Design  

by Pool Builders on 03-09-2011 in Articles

Gunite is a combination of cement and sand that is sprayed on to the surface of a pool structure. It is pumped through a hose at the pool building site, where the delivery hose is usually quite light, mostly filled with air containing the mixture, known as gunite, with water being added at the point of application. It is then covered by plastic which is actually the material that comes in contact with the water, and the gunite cement being the underlying structure of the pool. The gunite pool is also known as a shotcrete pool.

The building of a gunite pools starts with the digging of the foundations, with the desired width and depth measured out carefully, and then installing various metal support bars. The support bars are made out of metal and then the plumbing system is laid. The concrete mixture is sprayed onto that.

Gunite is a popular material in pool construction due to the universal peculiarities of gunite and its amazing strength. Also gunite pools can be any shape or size, which makes it highly in demand by those homeowners who wish to make their property highly original. There are a lot of features you can add to your future pool: like waterfalls and fountains, even sculptures and trees, but be sure the project is done by professionals and you have seen the blueprint version before you start construction.

Although gunite pools have lots of advantages, there are some points to take into consideration. First of all, if you live in very cold climate zones don't even consider having a gunite pool - gunite, is subject to stress and can crack. If you still want this type of pool, ask a professional who works on this kind of project, how you can secure the pool from damages and cracks (usually it's done with the help of concrete and additional metal bars) and be sure what you are getting into. It may cost you extra, but you will be glad to have taken these points into consideration.

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