The Harassed Parent's Guide to Kids' After School Swimming Lessons - Keep Insanity at Bay With These Useful Tips  

by Pool Builders on 06-04-2013 in Articles

As every parent knows, kids swimming lessons are something we have to endure in order to prevent a catastrophic accident during the annual family pilgrimage to Spain. Non-swimmers require close supervision at all times. This effectively means that you can't slope off to the pool bar for a white wine top-up while little Joshua is paddling in the shallow end of the hotel pool. However, if your child is a competent swimmer, you don't have to worry about them drowning the moment you turn your back on them.

Don't Forget the Swimming Kit

One of the cardinal rules of after school lessons is to make sure that you have packed the swim kit. There is nothing worse than arriving at the pool after a long day, only to find that you left your child's swim costume or towel in the hallway at home. Your child will cry and so will you. So if memory is not your strong point, leave post-it notes all over the house and set a reminder on your phone for the morning of the lesson.

Take Something to Do

Swimming lessons are usually very tedious for parents. It's hot, humid, and invariably there isn't anywhere to sit unless the pool has an on-site cafÃ?. Thankfully smartphones have taken some of the tedium out of the weekly lesson and instead of being bored rigid for half an hour you can deal with work emails or play Angry Birds.

Provide Activities for Younger Siblings

If you have to take other children along to swimming lessons, the pain is normally intensified tenfold. Younger siblings tend to be jealous that their older brother or sister is having all the fun while they are forced to sit quietly for what seems like forever. So in order to bypass a potential tantrum of epic proportions, make sure you have some toys handy. Or if all else fails, promise them a Happy Meal if they behave.

Delegate Swimming Lessons

By far the best way to enjoy a happy life, free from the horror of swimming lessons, is to delegate the responsibility of taking your child swimming to someone else. Ideally this person will be the other parent, but if this is not possible, try calling in a favour from a grandparent or other handy relative. Alternatively, make friends with another parent at your child's lessons and come to an agreement whereby one of you takes both children on alternate weeks. That way you can enjoy every other week off.

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