The Heart and Soul of a Clean Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-23-2010 in Articles

It seems unthinkable that there was a time when maintaining a swimming pool means having to replace water every time somebody finish using it. Like a big bath tub, used water is emptied after each bath. It would not be a big problem if the water is just a few bucket full but if you are talking about an Olympic sized pool, refilling it with fresh and clean water every time somebody wishes to use it can be a nightmare. Not only that it is ridiculously costly, it is a humongous waste of water. Surely, people nowadays would not do it as water has become a scarce resource. To waste water on a regular basis would to bring swimming pools to extinction.

Thanks to the latest filtration technology, pool owners may not even need to change their pool waters for one year. This is because there are filters available nowadays which can maintain chemical balance of pool waters. These are so effective that water is kept clean every day. There would be less need for strong pool cleaning chemicals and agents if the pool filtration system was designed properly to cover the entire area and is regularly maintained.

Swimming Pool Filters are readily available at any pool supplier today. There are 3 major types of filters that one can choose from. First is Diatomaceous Earth filter which uses fossilized skeletons of micro organisms to trap dirt or algae as minute as 5 microns. The second is a Sand filter which uses sand to particles in the water. Last kind of pool filter is the Cartridge filter which usually designed to clean smaller pools.

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