The Historical Story Of Residence Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 07-05-2011 in Articles

Should you go and take a look you will see that so much of the technology that goes into swimming pools is in fact really contemporary. The plumbing components, and hoses, pumps and filters. All developed within the last century. So then how lengthy have folks been building and cavorting in swimming pools? Then once more in earlier times if they had them, how did they get by without the technology that we have today?

The basic answer is that it was the ancient Romans who are recorded to have built the first swimming pools, although points like fountains and garden ponds might be traced all of the way back to ancient Babylon. Even so, it was the ancient Romans who had been the initial to come up having a heated pool. Public swimming pools built up on pillars that had fires burning under them.

When the Roman Empire collapsed, together with them went the public pool, and it would remain that way for thousands of years to come. Throughout that time folks still swam obviously but they did it at beaches if they lived along coastlines. Or, if they lived near a lake or river, they could swim there at the same time but through it all there were strict rules on how people had to dress. Even as they swam.

Strict dress codes of the day meant that women had to wear a dress that covered their body from their neck to their ankles, and for men it was long shorts plus a shirt. Now of course dressed like that something beyond wading about was out of the question, and besides because there was no public pools with swimming lessons, extremely couple of people knew the best way to swim.

So it was on into the middle of the 1800s that records show that the first actual pubic pools as would know them were dug out and built in England. Pools where strict codes of dress and conduct had been still maintained, and that even included rules that governed how one could swim. Our normal crawl stroke for instance was strictly prohibited for being too rough and crass.

Private swimming pools which can be so widespread nowadays really came into being along soon after Globe War Two, when suburbs expanded outward from cities within the UK, Canada as well as the US. Not just had been housing trends changing but the technology that we all take for granted now was also being developed and produced much more affordable, so individuals were a lot more able to purchase components like pumps and filters.

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