The History of the Modern Day Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 11-29-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools have a long and interesting history-from their initial invention in ancient Egypt to their recreational use today, people have always had an interest in swimming and have thus created a necessity for these deep bodies of water. As early as 36 B.C., the Japanese have records of swimming competitions that were held for numerous reasons, mainly so that individuals could achieve the title of the best swimmer. Since then, swimming become increasingly popular as the Romans introduced it, as well as the idea of a man made body of water, to Britain as early as 78 A.D., where many citizens seized the chance to swim as a form of entertainment and exercise.

The concept of swimming in a controlled space of water was a popular idea and many school boys were taught swimming and considered it to be one of their core classes. However, they did not become widely popular until the early 1800's, where acrobatic diving was invented in Germany and Sweden. This invention left many Europeans with the desire to swim and thus the Western craze and popularization for swimming pools was born.

Since this time, people have incorporated this form of aquatic bliss into their lives, some even deciding to build one in their own back yard or pay membership fees to use one at their local health spa.

Swimming pool engineers have created several different types, however they are often like snowflakes and each has its own character and originality. Many modern pools are heated and underground, while several older styles are generally unheated, something that can cause uncomfortably cold water if you the type who likes to swim in the winter or fall. Many people who are swimming enthusiast would love to have an Olympic size one in their back yard but do not have the space or the necessary funds to make their wish come true.

However, there is a smaller version that are especially designed for this, the 'Infinity', which is usually rectangular in shape and usually only large enough for one person to comfortably be in at a time, has jets that force water through one side creating a kind of current. This current gives the illusion that the person is continually swimming in a larger body of water, instead of a much smaller one. Some people may prefer something their whole family can use, and this is where the regular style comes in.

Many people prefer their personal pool to be indoors since this makes swimming an ideal form of exercise year round and not just in the summer or when the weather allows it. Many people find that they enjoy swimming out in the ocean but are afraid of the deep water. These people may enjoy an 'Ocean' style-a construction material is chosen, such as fiberglass or cement, and constructed into a rectangular shape that is then placed near the ocean, whereas the water floods it creating the perfect off-shore place to swim and enjoy the ocean without actually getting in it.

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