The Importance Of Swimming When It Comes To Weight Loss

by Pool Builders on 01-24-2011 in Articles

As the long winter nights get shorter and the weather gets warmer, many people begin to consider the benefits of swimming as a healthy weight-loss exercise routine. Especially during the summer, one of the best ways to stay cool and get a good workout in is through swimming. As the days get warmer, make sure you consider swimming as an excellent fitness option to lose weight and stay in shape.

Why Swimming? Swimming provides an excellent cardio workout while at the same time helping to strengthen muscles. There are a ton of benefits and advantages that should get (and keep) you in the pool:

- Endurance swimming elevates your heart rate over a longer period of time and improves circulation in the bloodstream.

- The cardiovascular benefits of swimming are well documented and the breathing involved improves lung capacity in the long run.

- Provides a total body workout with muscles you might not normally use if you were only in the gym.

- Helps improve cholesterol levels and blood pressure in a low-impact environment. (Great for seniors!)

That being said, there has been some debate about swimming as an effective weight-loss method. Let's look at the arguments:

"Without a loss of heat, the body is not shedding as many pounds"

While a true statement, the body continues to sweat while in the water, it's just more difficult for you to feel the sweating. This can allow a person to continue to swim for a longer period of time and achieve distances further than they might be able to with a usual loss of heat from cardio.

"Swimming alone will not lead to sufficient weight loss"

It's true that swimming should be performed in addition to other traditional methods of workouts. Swimming is a great in-between workout for the high-impact, high-intensity workouts in the gym, as it allows your body to recover while still providing a full-body workout on alternative muscles. Most experts agree that swimming should be no more than 50% of your workout routine if you're looking to shed pounds.

Please take a look at the health benefits of long-term swimming. In addition to staying cool and having an alternative routine, you can enjoy some relaxing strokes while knowing that you're improving your body and your health leading to a more productive and healthy lifestyle.

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