The Importance of Good Pool Pumps For Swimming Pool Maintenance

by Pool Builders on 07-08-2007 in Articles

Pool pumps are the most important tool for the upkeep and maintenance of swimming pools. These remarkable mechanical devices work with filters to maintain the cleanliness of swimming pools. These pumps come in different sizes and pumping capabilities. Some are made for smaller in-ground pools while others are designed for above ground pools. For both in ground and above ground applications, the right pump will ease your upkeep of the pool environment.

How Pool Pumps Work

Pool pumps work by taking water and passing it through a filter in order to catch as much dirt and debris as possible. Then it pumps the cleansed water back into the swimming pool. They come in different speeds and different power levels. The speed and power levels of different pumps depend upon their design and specific function.

Different Speeds

Pool pumps vary in speed. Some are designed to have single speed while some others come with dual speed. Single speed pumps are the most common pool pumps. As you can tell by their name, they operate at a continuous speed. They are required in those pools that have maximum use. Dual speed pumps are more suitable in those pools which are not greatly used. During the days of less traffic, the speed of the pool pump can be slowed down and switched to a more efficient speed of filtering water. With a dual speed pump, one can save up to 60% on the cost of the energy consumed.

Different Types

Pumps are available in different sizes for pools and spas. There are also different types of these pumps. These are above ground and in ground pumps. Above ground have a large filter basket for dust collection and require little maintenance. They also have a strong, high capacity motor with thermal overload protector. In ground pumps have a high flow action for fast filtering cycles.

Benefits Of Pumps for Your Swimming Pool

Various types of pumps are an integral part of any pool because they circulate the water to maintain constant motion, keep bacteria and other germs out of the pool, and help in preventing water borne diseases. They also ensure that all the chemicals which are added into the water are effective in killing germs and thus maintaining hygiene.

With these facts to help you appreciate the importance of pool pumps, you can now decide which type of pump suits your pool best. Remember, your decision is what ensures the quality and hygiene of your pool.

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