The Importance of Having Above Ground Pool Filters

by Pool Builders on 09-23-2012 in Articles

What makes above ground pool filters a popular choice these days? Well, more and more people have started buying above ground pools. And nobody can blame them for these dipping havens are easy to install and do not require any digging. Most of them also offer financing that allows you to acquire one through installment basis. Another thing that is important as your pool is keeping its cleanliness and maintaining its freedom from dirt and grime. How do you achieve this?

There is a lot of companies that offer the product such as Pentair, Hayward and Intex. The good news is all three of these vendors are trusted brand names that actually have more than ten years under their belt in terms of existence in the market. They are also a good source of other pool related goodies such as lifesavers, rubber boats, paddles, boats, pumps, and even the pools themselves. It is highly likely that you own or have bought a creation of theirs in the past. Should you read through their websites, regardless of what kind of pool you have in your backyard, they recommend having sand filters for the following reasons?

1. They keep the water and the pool clean. By installing sand filters, the microorganisms and dirt, that are not visible to the eye. While bigger unwanted elements such as leaves and flowers are easily scooped up by pool net, dirt that is brought in mostly by swimmers themselves are not so easy to catch.

2. Above Ground Filters have Coarse Sand When the water enters they go directly to a puddle of sand that is grainy and unrefined. As such, they are more likely to capture dirt and grime. However, they become smoother over time due to consistent passage of water and they lose their efficacy. They can then be changed or refurbished.

3. These products are low maintenance. The mentioned replenishment above normally happens every five years. And as they practically last forever and are generally affordable, this is a small price to pay for keeping your family from disease caused by bacteria.

4. Sparkling and Fresh. Since these sand filters have built - in timers, you can just set it to run for 24 hours and you will always wake up to a clean swimming pool. It eliminates the agony of waiting for the pool to be clean.

5. Easy to set-up and clean. According to most users, the product is a breeze to put together just as long as you follow the instruction manual that goes with it. They are also easy to clean, and operation is almost fully automated for things that you would want to do like scheduled filtering, back washing, and turning the device on and off.

The five reasons stated above seem to be good enough justifications for purchasing above ground pool filters.

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