The Importance of Swimming Lessons For Children

by Pool Builders on 01-20-2011 in Articles

As we approach spring time and the weather is warming there is an increase in drownings.

One of the greatest causes of accidental deaths among preschool children is drowning. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2007 almost 30% of children ages 1 to 4 who died of an unintentional injury died of drowning.

Parent participation in swim lessons are vital because the long term practice needed to enhance the child's ability to survive if they should fall into a body of water is essential. It is just like any other skill they learn, practice practice practice is the key to strengthening the skill and building their confidence.. Generally, the children who have their parents involved in the swimming lessons will coordinate better and become skillful swimmers long before those do not have such opportunity.

In its updated policy, the AAP has revised its guidance on swimming lessons. This new guideline is a monumental change that indicates that the AAP recognizes the evidence that U.S. Swim School Association member schools have been promoting for years: formal swim lessons are a vital part of the multilevel approach to drowning prevention and water safety.They believe that by giving this knowledge to parents, much better results can eventually be achieved, as parents may practice the skills outside the formal environment of baby swimming lessons. Swimming lessons can be an important part of the overall protection, which should include pool barriers and constant, capable supervision.

The statement goes on to say that new evidence shows that children ages 1 to 4 may be less likely to drown if they have had formal swimming instruction.

Drownings don't discriminate, it can happen and does to ANYONE.

There is NO cure for drowning only PREVENTION. Every parent, pool owner should know all of the layers of protection to have in place to prevent these senseless drownings.

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