The Increasing Trend of LED Pool Lamp  

by Pool Builders on 12-15-2011 in Articles

Hotels, schools, clubs or homes, the availability of swimming pools have become a necessity everywhere. Tourists staying in hotels often use swimming pools and when they use them during night, it becomes the responsibility of hotel owner to install pool lightning. Initially, incandescent lights were used in and around the pool in order to provide visibility during night. However, with latest innovation, owners can use lampe de piscine that makes the environment extravagant while undertaking swimming at night. These lights can be installed both in-ground and above the ground pools.

As compared to the traditional bulbs, lampe LED piscine has been introduced in the market in diverse designs and styles. The demand for lampe de piscine is swiftly increasing because of its easy availability. The quality of this product can be trusted as it is manufactured keeping in mind the existing standards. The pool lightning can be installed in any type of pool. The most attractive feature of lampe de piscine is that it changes color elegantly, slowly and in sync. The user can alter the color display by changing its setting to static, fade or party. This will enable them to create the mood in accordance to the theme of the party.

Another important feature of this pool lightning is that its usage leads to low power consumption because of the LED. Unlike the traditional halogen style lights, lampe LED piscine is cheaper as it consumes about 75 to 85% less power. Instead of buying incandescent and fluorescent lights, lampe de piscine is chosen by the pool owners because of its longevity and durability. Moreover, users do not have to spend extra time and money on the maintenance. Therefore, due to the presence of LED, it is swiftly becoming the foremost choice of environment conscious people.

lampe LED piscine can be used during house party as the presence of extravagant lights gives the party extra pull. Besides this, one more feature is added to the product and that is heating up the pool at suitable temperature. The highly advanced lights also act as an ideal projector pool. If the swimming pool has fountains and waterfalls then these lamp pools are added to bring surreal effect. Floating LED lights are also available for above ground and in-ground pools and these do not need any kind of installation. Keeping in mind all its features and advantages, it is advised to use lampe LED piscine as its installation results in bringing extra charm to the swimming pool.

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