The Joy Of Swimming

by Pool Builders on 11-27-2010 in Articles

Swimming is an excellent activity that is enjoyed by all irrespective of their age, weight and fitness level. No matter what the occasion is swimming can put always put a smile on your face. Floating on the water induces soothing effect and relaxing mood. A dip in the water on a hot summer day can be cooling and invigorating. Having a splash with the family and friends in the pool is great fun.

No wonder swimming is gaining popularity worldwide. Children find water and swimming fascinating. Swimming has therapeutic tendency that frees and allows the mind to meditate. Swimming is so enjoyable that you can easily get hooked on it. Swimming is a great exercise for the body and promotes overall fitness. It builds stamina and strengthens all muscles of the body including heart and lungs. As an exercise, swimming is a better option than conventional exercise if you're carrying an injury that prevents you from putting weight on your knee or ankle. Running in the water, doing water aerobics and other forms of swimming workouts are a great way to exercise

It is important to learn to swim at an early age and to get more enjoyment from life and to save lives. If swimming is not learnt at an early age, you can develop a fear of water and a phobia in your later life.
There are dangers in entering water without knowing how to swim. Irony is that as many as 20% of children leave school without learning to swim.
According to statics, drowning is the third most common cause of death in the under 16 and it claims 50 lives a year.

People drown because they're not used to being in the water. When they get into difficulty, they panic and start throwing their arms and legs vigorously and aimlessly. Believe it, it is difficult to drown in a relaxed state. Lungs act as floats and naturally raise the body to the surface.

Advice: Get involved in swimming from a young age and get swimming lessons. When you know how to swim you won't be afraid but be friends with water and that's when you'll have lall the fun with it.

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