The Key Benefits Of Having Driveway Alarm System  

by Pool Builders on 01-31-2011 in Articles

Driveway alarm can protect your home form intruders such as cars or people. It is very recommended to have driveway alarm to monitor intruders. You can install the alarm on both front and back yard easily. The alarm can also be used to monitor activity on any spot where you store your valuable items.

The sensor will quickly detect movement in the place where you install the alarm. Trough passive infrared, motion is detected. Passive infrared is a technology used in any driveway alarm system.

If you are intending to get an alarm system to be installed in your driveway, you can get the unit with multiple receivers and sensors for better security. We recommend you to install the unit around 2 or three feet above ground. You can mount the alarm on the wall or tree in order to monitor the whole driveway area. Select the one which has lifetime warranty so you can get help if your system goes wrong.

Try to avoid getting cheap alarm which is common to be found on the market. Typically the alarm does not worth for its price. Rather than paying for bad quality alarm, it is a lot better to get high quality alarm though, it is not cheap in price. Prepare enough money to purchase one for better alarm system.

There are many advantages of having an alarm system. The advantages we know are the possibility to monitor anyone or any car entering your driveway, monitoring swimming pool activity, monitoring any suspicious activity, monitoring specific activity, and more. From all of the great advantages, we conclude that it is very good to have driveway alarm systems at home.

Commonly, the sensor range of driveway alarms systems is around 100 to 300 feet. The more expensive the alarm usually means the more coverage area that you can monitor. Measure the area where you want to monitor in order to get the best alarm system to be installed in your driveway. You will not get confused in selecting which alarm that you need if you have measure the area.

Alarm is also useful to alert if the kids are going to the swimming pool. Parents can monitor their activity in the pool. Alarm can also be used to monitor suspicious activity in the gardens, summer houses, tool sheds, and many others. If there is an intruder, the alarm will send alert. If your house is empty, the siren will alert security monitoring team and your neighbors.

To prevent thievery you can lock all of your doors and windows without exception, switch on the lights, trim your shrubs and trees, install high security gates and fences, locked garages and sheds, if it is possible you can have a trained dog to ensure that no intruder can enter your house.

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