The Key To Living A Healthy Lifestyle  

by Pool Builders on 03-01-2009 in Articles

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Do you feel tired and suffer from a lack of energy. Your clothes may be tight and you find it difficult to do the simple things like tie your shoe laces. Believe me when I say I have been there, no self confidence, finding comfort in junk food only to feel worse about myself after I had eaten. There is a way to out of the weight loss weight gain negative cycle. The harsh reality of binging and dieting however is your body and mind is in a state of constant ups and downs. The highs of losing a few pounds to the lows of put it all and more back on. The key to controlling your mood and weight lies in the same thing - diet.

The term diet brings thoughts of feelings of hunger and unhappiness in my mind however the reality is that through a planned nutrition and exercise program you will start to feel and see results within one month. There is no easy fix to correct a lifetime of binge eating as it will take many months to retrain you eating habits. There is hope however as 12 months ago I was 320lbs and had no clothes that fit me. 12 months later and I am down to 240llbs and a constant user of the gym and swimming pool.

As a child I loved swimming, up until the point when other children would poke fun at me due to my size. Slowly as I grew up, I also covered up and stopped going swimming. 12 months ago I rediscovered my passion for swimming and regularly go to the gym for an hour and a half prior to doing a mile in the pool. At home both my wife and I have decided our family eating habits must change not only for ourselves but also for our four children. In order to change our lifestyle we have halved our portion sizes which were usually enough for 3 people, cut down on drinking as this not only added calories to our weekly total but also reduced our will power and led to us binging.

As I said, I have joined the local gym and swim and go 4 or five times a week. The key to any long term weight loss and control is perseverance. Yes you may occasionally have a pizza but make sure it is only once a month and is followed by a visit to the gym or a 5 mile walk of the dog. Plan your meals, buy new smaller plates for your meals and when you feel the need for a snack, have a piece of fruit rather than a chocolate bar. Do not however think that chocolate, or whatever you weakness is a no go; we all have to have a treat once in a while. Just make sure it is followed by a piece of exercise that burns it off. I have written a book on my experiences which is available for anyone to read to help them lose weight. Good luck and remember perseverance is the key.

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