The Largest Swimming Pool in the World

by Pool Builders on 11-29-2009 in Articles

You may think it took a long time to fill your backyard pool. That is nothing compared to the largest swimming pool in the world. Located in Chile the largest pool covers more than 20 acres and holds more than 65 million gallons of water. The deepest part is 115 feet in depth.

How does the largest pool in the world keep the water clean? First, it is actually a large lagoon that incorporates fresh seawater. There is a controlled filtration system that continually pumps seawater through a filter. It draws water in from one end and pumps it back into the other - very similar to the typical swimming pool setup.

The water is kept very clean indeed. People report that you can see the bottom in all areas, including on the deepest part. So large is this swimming paradise that you can sail small non-motorized boats on it. It is part of the oceanfront resort called San Alfonso del Mar in Chile.

It was designed by a Chilean biochemist named Fernando Fischmann using the most advanced engineering techniques. It took five years to complete at a total construction cost of about $1 billion. It is also categorized as a large saltwater man-made lagoon.

Last year the pool/lagoon was officially named in the Guinness Book of World Records. However it may not hold the designation for long. Another huge pool is being created in the Egyptian coastal area of Sharm El Sheikh. It is planned to be slightly larger at 21 acres in size. It is being designed and built by the same company that built the Chilean giant. It is so large that it could fit an incredible 6,000 standard sized pools inside of it.

Environmental enthusiasts will be glad to know that the pool causes no harm to the seawater or the surrounding ocean areas. The water is heated by the sun and is actually about nine degrees warmer than the surrounding ocean water. The annual maintenance costs are estimated to be about $2 million.

The use of this type of large man-made marvel creates a focal point for resorts, restaurants and shops. The lagoon itself becomes somewhat of a tourist destination. Everyone wants to claim that they swam in the world's largest swimming pool. It is large yet has many areas to accommodate various swimmers. For example the shallow end offers a zero-depth entry area that is perfect for tots and small children. Experienced swimmers will find plenty of space to practice strokes and for diving. Sunbathers will enjoy the beautiful deck areas - many of which are situated on large piers. There are also many areas of beach located at the edge of it.

It is likely that many more pools of this type will be built in the future. More and more resort areas are looking to create a more unique attraction. The saltwater lagoon successfully incorporates the oceanfront with the resort making use of the ocean areas like never before.

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