The Latest Developments in Swimming Pool Pumps  

by Pool Builders on 03-29-2009 in Articles

For decades there really was very few choices to be made when it came to swimming pool pumps. Sure there were some quality and guarantee differences that separated the various makes and models but other then that, choices basically centered around things like size and power.

New Swimming Pool Pump Features and Choices

However; over the course of recent years, engineers and designers have been going back and making some changes in swimming pool pumps. Sure the same old choices are still there to be hashed over but now there are some added features as well to cloud the decision making process.

Quieter Cooler Running Swimming Pool Pumps

For instance, finally someone decided to do something about the constant noise that emanates from a swimming pool pump house. It turns out that almost all of that noise was being generated by the cooling fans on the swimming pool pumps motor. A new fan design has cut that noise way down and also cool the pump motor better.

Just Less Work and Hassle

Another new feature to be added to swimming pool pumps is a see through screen cover. With a see through cover it's no longer necessary to remove the cover to check for accumulated debris. Also new finger friendly quick release mechanisms make removing the pump screen cover a snap.

Decades of Reliable Service

New corrosion proof high impact plastics and high tech, hardened steel alloy sealed bearings mean nor more rust and incredibly longer lasting, smoother functioning mechanical systems. What this means is that todays higher quality pool pumps can now deliver years and even decades of reliable trouble free service.

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