The Latest Technology in Swimming Pool Lights Explored  

by Pool Builders on 04-17-2008 in Articles

It wasn't all that long ago that swimming pool lights consisted of one big light located underwater, on the wall of the deep end. That was just about all that there was that was available until pool designers decided to start getting creative with swimming pool lights and lighting.

Now there are so many choices that are available that it can make a final decision difficult at times. For instance, there is now fiber optic swimming pool lights that completely do away with the need for any wiring.
Also, several brands of low voltage, low profile lights are available for smaller swimming pools and jacuzzis. Spa Brite and Slimlight are two very popular brands of smaller low profile lights that are great for someone that is interested in a series of smaller lights rather then one or more larger swimming pool lights.

In the past, swimming pool lights were seen as basically functional and the way that they were installed and used reflected that popular belief. Now however, designers have been very successful in developing and using swimming pool lights to set various moods.

The color, power and overall arrangement of swimming pool lights are now manipulated to make swimming in a pool so much more enjoyable. Also, waterproof switches can now be installed under the waters surface that allow a person to change the lighting mood with the simple touch of a button.
Don't worry about the electricity though, because it is a low voltage system, so there is absolutely no risk of the system ever delivering an electrical shock. If you are in the planing stages of your swimming pool then now is the time to start looking at all of the swimming pool lighting possibilities that are now available.

This is because it really doesn't cost that much more money and time to move from a good pool lighting system to a fantastic lighting system.

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