The Lesser-Known Pool Chemicals

by Pool Builders on 02-28-2012 in Articles

Everyone knows about the pool chemical staples: chlorine, bromine, pH and alkalinity balancers, and algaecide. However, there are lots of other chemicals available to help get the most out of your pool. Some of the lesser-known chemicals include:

No Foam. When you enter your hot tub or spa, all the natural oils that your skin produces along with the ingredients of every lotion or hair product you use goes in with you. This interacts with the spa's water and creates foam. Using this chemical can prevent it from forming.

Shimmer and Super Shimmer. This chemical coagulates dirt and other debris, meaning clearer water, and regular use can mean a healthier pool. The difference between shimmer and super shimmer is that super shimmer is typically twice the strength. You should use whichever one fits your pool's needs.

Pool warming chemicals. These can offer an alternative to pool covers or heaters. Solar balls can warm pools by creating an invisible film that prevents evaporation. It's not toxic and is constantly working to make your pool warmer.

Rust & scale remover. This chemical is especially great for pools that use well water that causes excessive metal and mineral buildup. It prevents buildup, meaning less scaling and brown water. It can sometimes improve the look of existing stains.

Cartridge rinses. After you rinse spa cartridges, spraying them with rinse can remove buildup. Use of cartridge rinses can actually make your filter more efficient considering it removes oil and other contaminants and they can also make cartridges last longer. Just rinse your cartridge, spray, let sit, and then rinse again.

Tile and Vinyl cleaner. Use this chemical on your pool surfaces like vinyl, chrome, and tile to remove grime. These can help get rid of water lines. Look for a cleaner that doesn't upset chemical balance and that are gentle enough to be able to swim right after you use it. Just administer to your grimy surface, let sit, and then wipe off with a brush or another tool that will protect your skin.

Super Floc. If you have a problem with cloudy water, especially after re-opening for spring, this is a great, fast acting chemical. It will make contaminants go to the bottom of the pool so that your pool cleaner can take care of it.

Black Zapper. Black Zapper is a powerful type of algaecide that specifically targets black algae. If you have a black algae problem, a general algaecide might not do the trick. Look for one that won't cloud your water or create foam. It not only kills black algae strains but it can prevent them as well.

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