The Life of a Party - Floating Pool Candles

by Pool Builders on 04-02-2010 in Articles

Contrary to common belief, floating candles are not just used as centerpieces or as gift items. They are not as small as some people think they are. There are some floating candles which are used for the pool. Floating pool candles are usually seen in parties and special occasions wherein the swimming pool will not be used. These are the times when people find ways to make use of something to beautify and give that extra sparkle to a party. This is where big floating candles placed in swimming pools come into play.

When having a party, it would seem really wonderful to have floating candles seen in the pool, especially when they are all lighted. The candles help in adding light to the party ambiance, giving it a different mood and feeling. Floating pool candles are commonly seen during those times when it may be too cold to use the pool. Aside from illuminating the whole party, the candles also give a surreal and even serene feeling. Placing these candles may add up to the sophistication of an event because of the beautiful effect that it gives. Having these would definitely contribute to the parties overall impact on the people.

Small floating candles may also be mixed with the big ones. Doing this may give a starry effect on the pool, especially when they are lit all at the same time. Having floating pool candles alternately existing with the small candles would definitely give a totally unique experience. Though there are a lot of benefits, it is still important to keep safety in mind. Those candles in the pool are only for the viewing pleasure of the audience and not to be touched for one will never know when and how accidents will happen; better be safe than sorry.

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