The Many Reasons Why You and/or Your Child Should Have Swimming Lessons  

by Pool Builders on 01-22-2014 in Articles

Swimming is really important for the social and cognitive development of any child. They can take private lessons, learn swimming through school or they can be taught by you. Regardless, swimming helps you child to build up their confidence and it helps with their physical development as well. These benefits also exist for adults, which is why those who cannot swim should learn to do so. Let's take a look at some of the main reasons as to why swimming is so important.

1. There are various benefits to learning to swim. It is about being safe whenever water is near, but it is also about enjoyment and greater health.

2. Learning to swim means many holidays will be more enjoyable.

3. It is easy to take on swimming lessons, as all public pools or recreational centres will offer lessons, often both for children and adults. One lesson is usually only half an hour in length, meaning it is not too tiring either.

4. Swimming increases confidence in both adults and children and not just around water. It actually makes us feel better about ourselves on a psychological level.

5. You can take swimming lessons at the same time as your child, which is particularly fun if you have a tiny baby. There is something intensely bonding about swimming with your child, which releases various bonding hormones in our brain.

6. Swimming is a really good form of low impact cardio that will really get all your muscles moving. Because it is so low impact, it can be done by anybody, regardless of their current shape or fitness levels. Indeed, it is often used in rehabilitation programs, as well as to treat those with physical disabilities or illnesses.

7. You never stop learning with swimming. If you are able to do all the strokes and you can go quite fast, you can decide to join a swimming club, which will help you perfect your technique, meet some new people and generally work out harder.

8. Swimming lessons usually give you a certificate. More often than not, you will receive a paper certificate, as well as a patch that you can iron or sew on to your swimming costume or clothes. This is particularly important for younger children, who really need that kind of recognition for their efforts.

These are but a few of the benefit, but most swimmers would say that here are many more. So, get rid of your excuses and book yourself on the next lesson. It will be fun!

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