The Many Uses Of The Golf Cart  

by Pool Builders on 07-20-2011 in Articles

There are basically two types of golf carts. Gasoline powered or electric. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. With the gasoline powered cart you are able to refill the gas tank with a gas can. With the electric cart, you are restricted to a location that has available electricity to recharge the batteries. I personally prefer the electric cart. I have found that for the uses that I use a cart for, the electric cart will maintain a charge for roughly 1 week. Also the electric cart does not pollute our air, which benefits everyone.

Once you have decided on which type of cart to use you're then ready to make a purchase. You may choose to select payment plans offered by many cart stores. Carts tend to be a large investment, but really come in handy for not only golfing, but in many other uses too. The obvious first use of a cart is to carry your clubs on the golf range as the holes one through nine or one to 18, depending on the course you are on. The different holes on a golf course are spaced widely apart and walking all that distance can be tiring.

There is also an increase in the number of the 50+ age group. And these people will typically go to an area where there is a better climate. These people are sometimes called snowbirds or Winter Texans. In the RV parks that seniors use during bad weather and golf carts are used to transport you and your spouse to the various amenities available at the park. The typical snowbird or Winter Texan will use a cart to go check the mail or to go to the swimming pool or hot tub. Many RV parks have parking spaces that are small enough to hold a golf cart.

Golf carts can range in price from being reasonable to being outright expensive. The many different models offer different features, and I would encourage you to select the cart that will meet the use that you will have for the golf . There are so many different uses for a golf cart. In this article cannot adequately address. There are even people that soup up their golf cart and use it for racing. I personally have never gotten into using my golf cart for racing, but I use it on my property to get around because I own many acres of land.

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