The Most Common Pool Frequently Asked Questions  

by Pool Builders on 10-01-2014 in Articles

Do you want a pool? Pools are unlike just about any other home upgrade or addition€"they are incredibly expensive to install and don't always make your home more valuable. However, having a pool can make even the dullest home more exciting. But before you jump in and spend your cash on a pool, there are a few things you need to know. Make sure you read this list before contacting a pool builder in Fort Worth, like Klapprodt Pools.
Basic Pool FAQs
Will a pool increase my home's value?
There are a few places in the country where a pool will actually increase a home's value. In these areas (areas usually dominated by pools already), a pool will make your home fit in with the rest of the homes in your neighborhood and make it of equal value. However, as for the other 99.9% of you, a pool is not going to increase your home's value. It is very unlikely that a pool will reduce the price of your home (though in some areas it can), but it probably won't help. If you install a pool for fun, you don't need to worry about what it will do to your home's value. But if you are considering one for an investment, consider something else instead.
How much does a pool cost to install?
The cost of a pool can vary tremendously according to what you want it to look like. A basic, below-ground pool with no frills or extras will cost at least $20,000. If you want to get more elaborate than that, the price can easily go beyond $50,000. If you want to add a full kitchen, play area, and room for tables, not to mention a waterfall and other features, your pool can cost several hundred thousand dollars.
How much does a pool cost to maintain?
Pools are not one-time investments. Without proper maintenance and care your pool will fall into disrepair and cost thousands of dollars to fix. Basic monthly maintenance includes checking and replacing filters, adjusting the heaters and pumps, replacing or adjusting chemicals, and basic cleaning procedures. That work will usually cost around $500 to $800 a year. If you live somewhere cold you will need to pay to keep your pool heated when the temperature drops below freezing or you will need to completely drain it, and both of those things will cost a lot more than $500.
Another thing to consider is long-term maintenance. Pools will eventually need to be resurfaced, pumps will need to be replaced, heaters will need to be replaced, and covers will need to be replaced. All of this work can cost thousands of dollars; luckily, you won't need to do it very often.
What sort of pools can I buy?
If you want a custom pool, the only thing keeping you from getting what you want is your budget. While square, flat-bottomed pools are the least expensive and most common, anything you can dream (and pay for) can be a reality. Common upgrades include free-form designs (with no distinct shape, something that looks much more natural), a waterfall, a connected hot tub, and varying depths.
How long will it take to install my pool?
Depending on where you live, the current weather, and what your pool plans actually are, installing a new pool can take as little as two months. For more elaborate plans, expect your pool to take between four and nine months.
If you want to know more about anything on this list, be sure to contact a pool builder in Fort Worth, like Klapprodt Pools.

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