The Navigator Pool Cleaner- The Best Of The Best

by Pool Builders on 08-01-2007 in Articles

Mention that you have a backyard swimming pool, and people's ears perk up and they may hang around waiting for an invitation to a weekend barbecue at poolside. If the weather is hot enough, they may even offer to bring the steaks and beer. But the chances are very, very good that they will not offer to come over the morning of the cookout and clean your pool for you.

Backyard swimming pools can be a lifesaver in the height of summer, but those afternoons splashing and cavorting in the crystal clear water would not be possible if the mornings were not devoted to cleaning the pool. And cleaning a large backyard pool is no simple feat, unless you have a pool cleaner. But if you're going to invest in a pool cleaner, you should consider investing the best of the best, the Navigator pool cleaner from Hayward.

Hayward is considered by many to be the crème de la crème of swimming pool cleaner manufacturers, and the Navigator pool cleaner is their state of the art offering. The Navigator pool cleaner will happily spend its working life scuttling around the bottom, walls, and steps of your swimming pool, vacuuming up all the leaves, twigs, dirt, bacteria, sand, insects, algae, and any other foreign objects which cross its path. When the Navigator pool cleaner is done for the day, you will feel like you could use your pool to double as a bathtub.

Unique Navigator Features

The Navigator pool cleaner has some unique features which makes it a more efficient cleaner than any other on the market. Its "neck," through which debris passes, is larger than those of other cleaners, meaning it can pick up larger leave, twigs, and even pebbles. And when it vacuums up objects, it produces a circular "draining" effect which not only gets large items; it filers all the dirt and microscopic debris from the water as well.

But the most remarkable feature of the Navigator pool cleaner is that it is capable of "mapping" the contours of your swimming pool so that it remember which areas it has already cleaned, and will not return to them until it has completed a sweep of the rest of the pool. This capacity makes it one of the most efficient pool cleaners on the market, and while you might expect Hayward to load the Navigator pool cleaner with a price tag of more than $500, they didn't. A Navigator can be sweeping your pool clean tomorrow for a mere $350!

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