The Need To Keep Alkalinity Levels In Line In Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 10-05-2011 in Articles

Swimming pool service professionals know there are a lot of chemicals and items that need to be addressed and balanced when it comes to your swimming pool. Keeping the water in line not only keeps the water safe and bacteria free for swimming but keeps the tiles, vinyl liner and equipment in working order. Chemical testing is a crucial aspect of keeping your swimming pool safe for your swimmers.

One of the items that needs to be addressed is total alkalinity; this is associated with not only the pH levels and is a measure of the hydrogen ion concentration in the water. It's a measure of the ability of a solution to neutralize hydrogen ions. Alkalinity in the pool water is measured in parts per million (ppm). Total alkalinity in the water is comes from the carbonates, hydroxides and for the most part bicarbonates. The acid neutralizing capacity of water is desirable because it helps to prevent variations in pH. The total alkalinity in the water is a measure of your swimming pool water's resistance to change in the pH.

Why does all of that matter? If your total alkalinity is too low, the pH in your water will change rapidly when chemicals or other impurities enter the water; your pH may drop rapidly and this can lead to etching of the tiles and corrosion of the filters and plumbing and other crucial swimming pool components.

Your swimming pool service technician is the best one to call upon to help keep your water back in balance. He or she will know what steps to take to get your waters' alkalinity back in line to prevent any damage from occurring. Keep in mind that if your total alkalinity is too high it becomes more difficult to adjust the levels and will truly need the expertise that they bring to the table. He will had sodium bicarbonate to raise the total alkalinity. It is a delicate balancing act to get the alkalinity back in line - it is always easier to have your swimming pool service professional check and balance the water on a regular basis so it doesn't need such drastic measures to keep the water clean, healthy and swimmable. Swimming pool owners can certainly purchase a test kit for the water chemical balancing -- and they should -- and should check the water on a regular basis to keep the chemicals in line.

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