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Early last summer on a random Wednesday evening, I ran into a guy at my local bar who I'd chatted with before but had never let it progress beyond friendly small talk. However, this particular Wednesday I casting couch sex videos was in a mood. Yes, one of my wanton moods where I morph into hot mess of sexual need. He was the only thing around even somewhat interesting, so I let him bait me into following him home.
I followed the lights on his big gray truck and pulled into his driveway around 11:30. We walked through the house and into the back yard where I spied a glittering blue swimming pool. Now, I love to swim. If you liked this report and you would like to get far more facts with regards to Porn Actress kindly visit our site. As I kid I would imagine I was shipwrecked and would tread water for bollywood casting couch ages, letting the buoyant liquid support me.
That night we sat on the patio, each sipping a beer, while I deflected his personal questions without him taking notice. I slipped off my sandals and looked up at the stars, not caring about the time or work the next day. After a while he asked if I wanted to go for a swim.
€Is the water warm?€
We checked€"him with his hand, me with a toe. It was pleasant, not bathwater warm but not icy.
€I don't have a swimming suit,€ I said with a wicked grin.
€That's not a problem,€ he said huskily.
I asked him to fetch me a towel and put it by the edge. He did. And then he took off his shirt and sat down beside the towel, letting his feet dangle in the water. I stood there, watching him watch me and matter-of-factly stripped. I walked completely naked to the pool steps and entered the water for my first swim of the season. It felt so good. The cool fluid slid over my skin, cooling me, calming me. Mmmm heaven. I was completely free, floating with nothing on. I scissor kicked under the surface to the other side, my bare ass reflecting high school porn the moonlight. When I stopped, my breasts bobbed to the surface, twin cream-colored buoys resting on the top of the still water.
He eased into the pool, swam over to me, pulled me against him so I could fell the hard ridge in his shorts, bent his head and began sucking on my wet nipples. I came just from that€"a little one, not a big one€"because it had been so long.
€Did you just come?€ he asked.
Then he climbed out and sat on the edge of the pool while I went down on him. He came€"a big one. I swam a little more before exiting the shimmering water and wrapping myself up in the huge towel awaiting me. I curled up in one of i just want to die the patio chairs until I was completely dry and then started getting dressed.
€What are you doing?€ he asked, €Aren't you going to stay?€
I raised an eyebrow, €No, I'm not staying.€ And so there was no confusion on his part I added, €I'm not giving you my number either.€
€Did you just use me?€ he laughed.
€Well yes of course I did,€ I replied with a smile, €What did you think was going on here?€
€I thought you were the type who would want me to marry you€"or something€"and that I was going to have to figure out how to get rid of you. But now, I don't want you to leave.€
€No,€ I chuckled, €I'm not looking to get married. And I'm not staying. But I wouldn't mind orgasming again if you're up for it.€
We adjourned to his bed and I gave him very clear instructions on how to rub the tip of his cock just above my clit while sucking on my nipples. I drenched his bed. There is something to be said for a man who can follow directions. When I had enough I gently eased him off of me.
€Please stay, just for a little while.€
Now, he had been extremely accommodating and a complete gentleman about not slipping his cock inside me, so I let him hold me. But as soon as his breathing evened out I gathered my things and slipped away into the night.
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