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by Pool Builders on 03-26-2008 in Articles

Arizona State has a fast growing population as shown by population statistics taken in 2006, which means that people are interested in relocating or coming here for better business and employment prospects. The state's economy is poised for growth and this factor will reflect positively on the real estate market. Making a home investment here is a good option, because the value of real estate will rise in the years to come.

There are different types of home properties available in Arizona. As of right now with the growing population and the real estate market in a dismal place my people have been staying away from the traditional single-family home and sales for condominiums have increased.

Condominiums in Arizona offer great value for your money, with spacious home designs and the latest in interior design. Interested buyers will find various types of condo units ranging from one to three bedroom units that may or may not include a patio and much more. Many condo units offer facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, gym, elevators and areas for relaxing and hanging out. These common areas are great places for residents to meet each other. Buyers should check out such facilities to choose a condo unit that has the exact feel that suits their lifestyle.

Buying a condominium is a good investment option because condos can offer easy maintenance home options. The owner's right to property begins from the interior of their condo unit door and they have to look after just this area, while outer areas and home exterior areas are maintained by the maintenance staff. All owners in the building have to contribute maintenance fees for the common areas. Every condominium building has a Home Owner's Association (HOA), which lays down rules that all residents must follow.

When considering the purchase of a condo unit, it is important for buyers to look into HOA rules. The rules put forth by the HOA must be acceptable as with the maintenance fees. Another point here is insurance, homeowners must take out a home insurance policy to cover the interior sections of the home, while the HOA will take insurance to cover any damages to the common areas.

Q: What is a condominium?
A: A "Condominium" is a form of ownership and also a style of dwelling. In fact condo's come in many forms. A condo can be one of two or more units under one roof or a townhouse, an updated or remodeled former factory, firehouse, mansion etc. It can also be an apartment in a high-rise, one side of a duplex or other unique arrangement.

Q: What are the different types of condos?
A: Condominium A Single unit, most often resembling a more finely finished apartment or loft. Locally these are found in complexes large and small, high-rise or low-rise. Owner has title to interior space of unit and shared title to common areas in the complex. Condominiums are governed by a condominium board of directors (voted by residents) in accordance with the bylaws and covenants, conditions and restrictions.

Q: Who takes care of maintenance?
A: Condominium owners form and belong to an association that takes care of tasks such as roof maintenance, siding, upkeep, and grounds keeping. The association owns and maintains common areas which might include tennis courts, party rooms and swimming pools.

Q: Where does the money come from for these things?
A: Owners pay maintenance fees to the association for upkeep and to create a reserve fund sufficient for important projects such as roofing replacement. Owners serve on the association board to establish and enforce rules. Some associations might be very strict about what owners can and cannot do. Make sure that you look over the rules and regulations before you commit to a purchase. Many condo's have pet restrictions and rules against renting out units.

Q: What about homeowners insurance?
A: Your condo association has a master insurance policy that covers the outside of the building's structure, including the roof and common areas from the pool to sidewalks. The master policy will not insure the inside of your particular unit or any of your personal belongings. You must take out a separate homeowner's policy to cover these things.

Q: Do condos prices rise in value as fast as single-family homes?
A: The Northwest Multiple Listing Service reports condo value trends rising as fast as or faster than single-family properties. These trends can change but for now condos look like a good buy for many years to come.

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