The Overlooked Benefits of Jacuzzis  

by Pool Builders on 12-21-2011 in Articles

Homeowners who decide to install Jacuzzis in their homes can benefit from these hot tubs in a variety of ways. These spas can be free standing, attached to the swimming pool in the backyard or even inside the home. They can be drained each time like a bathtub or they can be maintained outside with chlorine, chemicals and the traditional pool cleaning tactics. These tubs are beneficial for stress relief, for muscle aches, to enhance relationships and for fun.

Stress Relief Through Hot Water

Being under chronic stress can lead to a variety of health ills, both physical and mental. While a certain amount of stress in one's life can be helpful, too much can be detrimental. Feeling too stressed out may be a prompt to make some changes in an unhealthy lifestyle. It can produce the fight or flight response in someone to get him out of a dangerous situation. But when constant everyday issues such as traffic snags, relationship troubles and a mean boss at work build up, it can lead to insomnia, depression, anxiety, heart disease, cancer and more. When getting rid of stress-inducers isn't possible, adopting additional coping tools may be the answer. One of those coping tools is to soak in a soothing hot bath.

Muscle Twinges and Aches

Low back pain, shoulder aches or pulled muscles can be literal pains in the neck. When a person suffers from pains in these areas, it can spread to legs, arms and more. The beauty of Jacuzzis is that not only do they have the soothing effects of steamy water; they also have jets of pulsing streams that are like having a massage. This can be as beneficial as having massage therapy or an acupuncturist working with pressure points.

Relationship Enhancer

Spending time together as a couple can be a wonderful thing for building relationships. This is especially true if the dates are relaxing, soothing and an opportunity to converse without cell phones or other interruptions. Soaking in a hot tub can be the perfect place to get away from it all - right in the comfort of your own home or backyard. It's a great follow-up to a candlelit dinner together and a wonderful prelude for a cuddle and restful sleep together, too. The couple that spends regular time soaking in a hot tub together stays together. Investing in a hot tub can be more beneficial to a romantic partnership than going to a therapist.

Fun for the Kids And Guests

When the weather's warm, the water can be left cold and the kids can treat this bubbly tub of water like an effervescent swimming pool. They will have a fantastic time moving around, dunking their heads beneath the surface and bringing in their rubber duckies and floating devices. If guests are over for dinner, having a few couples soak together will be a great way to make a splashy impression.

When families are considering purchasing Jacuzzis for their home, they'll be happy to know how many benefits there are. These tubs are good for health, relationships and fun.

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