The Perfect Renovations For A Public Gym  

by Pool Builders on 12-15-2011 in Articles

An indoor gym acts as a community hotspot for individuals looking to engage in some type of physical activity, such as running, gymnastics, swimming or weightlifting. Most community parks often run an indoor gym of some kind with one or more of these activities for parents and children to partake in. Some communities may not have all the desired facilities individuals may want, such as a swimming pool, indoor track or even a weightlifting room. A city may have extra room in its budget to spend on a gym, and if you have some power over where this money goes, you may want to think about some of these upgrades for your community gym.


Your basketball court is large enough with plenty of seats, but once guests look at the floor, they are met with a sad sight.

Most gyms have the same wood floors since the day they opened, which is fine, but over time wood floors lose their sparkle, making them look old, so if the floors are in this shape, you may want to have them redone. Paying for a decent contractor to come and retouch the floors will cost a few thousand dollars, but the refinish is worth the cost. Floor contractors will strip the floors of their present color, sand and repaint the floors with a new color of your liking. Just think how new hardwood floors will go with the bleachers spread throughout an indoor gym.

Exercise Equipment

You may have enough space inside your gym to construct a tiny exercise room to house cardio machines and a few weightlifting machines. Exercise equipment, as with the floors, will set you back a few thousand dollars, but these machines can be purchased at steep discounts from local equipment resellers hoping to help community parks and gyms. With the purchased equipment, your city's neighborhood gym can start putting on exercise classes and free work-out sessions for individuals interested.


Older swimming pools may still use pool plaster for floors and sides, and while paint plaster is cheap, the materials will start to chip over time. For swimmers, chipped plaster will create minor cuts on their feet, and minor cuts inside a chlorine-filled pool means €ouch€ for swimmers. Of course emptying the pool and having it redone will set you back a few thousand dollars, but it's worth the cost of getting the floors and sides retouched. Repainted sides and floors will stop swimmers from getting cuts on their toes and feet, rendering a more enjoyable swim. In addition to repainting the pool, you may want to look into buying pool equipment, such as new life vests, grandstands and buoys to create a safer pool area for families.

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