The Phases of Pool Construction  

by Pool Builders on 09-13-2011 in Articles

Pool construction involves several phases. The entire process is generally hard and usually would lasts for months depending on the size of the pool, design and the number of people working to complete it. And because pool construction is quite challenging, pool builders involve in the construction should posses not only the highest skill but as well as the best equipment and well-planned layout for a more accurate and stunning result.

So how are swimming pools constructed?

The first step in a pool construction is the layout and land preparation. Lot preparation includes clearing the space and removal of possible trees and plants. You might also need to consult your area's policy regarding pool construction. Secure your pool's compliance to building codes and other regulations concerning construction to be able to proceed to the next step. After the clearing and paperworks are completed, excavation follows. Pool excavation usually requires the use of heavy materials and dump truck to remove the dust and particles that are not needed within the area where you want to construct the pool. This stage is usually messy and challenging so getting a company with skilled builders is ideal. After the excavation is achieved, builders will set and tie a series of steel supported with bars to shape and form the pool. This process usually would take a day or even more due to excessive labour. But if you hire a company with complete machines and expertise, the entire process can come a bit easy. There might be an initial inspection from a local code inspector for full safety compliance.

The next step to concentrate on after the steel are attached to the side of the pool is the process called guniting. Guniting demands the use of large equipment like concrete trucks and other machines use for splitting, trimming and connecting bricks and other pool materials. Usually the noise of the diesel compressor and dust are the main problems encountered in this process. Application of gunite over the steel to form a single piece of shell for pool strength and structure is completed at this stage. After thorough application of the gunite, builders will trim out the final shape of the pool. At this stage almost 45% of the pool is complete.

Tile installation follows right after the guniting process. You can personally choose the tile to be used. Tiles give your pool the beauty and glow therefore picking the one with the right colour and design should be prioritized. Moreover, purchasing tiles in wholesale can help you save more. Plumbing is another step that follows the tile installation. To complete this procedure, the pool builder might need to dig trenches for the pipe system and design several plumbing lines to connect pool and the filters. Heaters as well as automatic cleaners should also be taken into consideration. These pipes should connect right and perfectly for a smooth-running water system. Installation of underwater lights and final furnishing are among the last few steps that you need to complete in a pool construction.

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