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How to Clean A Swimming Pool 101

Cleaning a swimming pool is a pretty up front task, and anyone could accomplish this task if they follow just a few simple steps. First, you will need to own or have access to a pool pole, brush, net, and vacuum. There are tons and tons of pool cleaning supplies out there, but these items are just the basic 4 items you will need to complete basic pool cleaning.
First, you will need to hook up the vacuum hose into the suction port located inside the skimmer. Pull up the skimmer lid, and then remove the basket to show the port and the bottom of the skimmer. Attach one end of the vacuum hose onto the vacuum (which should be attached to the pool pole) and insert it into the water. Feed the vacuum hose down into the water about one foot at a time. (you do this so there is water inside the hose, not air. If air is sucked into the skimmer, the motor will lose its prime). Now, attach the opposite end of the hose into the skimmer port, and give yourself a pat on the back because you are now done with the hardest part of cleaning a pool! Once the hose is attached, it should immediately start pulling debris from the bottom of the pool. From here on out, Vacuuming the pool is simple, treat it as if you were vacuuming the floor in your house, ordered even passes so you can cover as much surface area as possible without having to go back over it.
After the vacuuming is completed, unplug the vacuum hose from the skimmer and pull the vacuum head out of the water (always unplug before taking out of the water so you do not suck air into the motor). Attach the swimming pool brush in the vacuum heads place, and begin to brush the sides of the pools in a straight up and down motion. After brushing all around the pool, proceed to bush the bottom of the pool towards the main drain in the middle of the deep-end. You do this so the algae and debris can get sucked through to the pool filter easier.
Once the brushing is complete, attach the pool net onto the pole, and your ready for the easiest part! Use the net to "scoop" out all of the leaves and debris from the surface of the pool. Go around the whole swimming pool numerous times to make sure you have retrieved everything off the surface. Once that is done, then give yourself a big congratulations because you have just complete a basic pool clean!
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