The Power of Core Breathing For Swimming, Development of Perineum Breathing For Performance

by Pool Builders on 09-28-2008 in Articles

Swimming offers so many benefits as an exercise if you are just having fun or into swimming in competition. Here is another possibility that can enhance the time spent in the pool as will as out side of the pool. If a swimmer wants to enhance their breathing ability while swimming the development of the perineum muscle being part of their breathing development during swimming will affect the whole torso ability to create inhalation and exhalation during swimming. By using the perineum gives a person ability to use the whole torso muscles to form their breath during swimming far greater then with out.

The perineum is a point on the body but it is a muscle point (as will as energy point) thereby there is movement ability that affects all muscles in the torso. Thinking of building your breath form from the bottom up and then releasing the breath from the bottom to affects the top down but the idea here is using perineum as a trigger point to affect muscle action within releasing the breath and creating inhaling. Like all muscles if not used atrophy of the muscle and the perineum is a muscle in the torso that affects the ability to create inhale and exhale and as it goes weak a person abilities to create breath becomes less efficient. Learning how to use the perineum to affect your breathing ability is a technique related to core/breathing ability within swimming or other sports.

Swimming for relaxation or for competition gives a chance for people to keep the muscles around perineum area toned which affects the whole torso muscle ability that forms breathing ability. Perineum engaged breathing permits breathing range far greater for it is a trigger to release muscles for breathing in the upper part of the torso. The more you engage the perineum, expand the core and upper chest to create inhalation. The affect of perineum movement on the exhale permits the best exhale the torso can create.

How does it work, its by pushing down on the muscles in the perineum area for inhaling which will have a reflex action affect on the upper part of the torso to expand the lungs during the inhaling will be the affect.. Holding tension in the perineum for few second holds the breath in that state. Creating the exhalation is directly related to pulling up on the perineum will have reflex action on muscles to let the exhalation be complete. The experience of using the perineum muscles will have a relaxation on upper body muscles as it inhale and exhale. There will be less muscle tension build thereby affecting resistance feeling in creating breath in the torso that will be away of judging that your using the perineum over not using it. It is the over all experience of using the torso that creates feeling within the torso that gives a person a sense of ability and enjoyment within their sport like swimming.

Having the perineum part of your breathing control action will enhance muscle groups in the lower part of the body, that does not normally get worked out. This experience of muscle control beginning around the perineum and the mind is able to affect the range of motion in the upper part of the torso or lungs that will enhance performance as they are swimming or any other sport.

It does take time to develop the brain connection and control of that area in that lower part of the bodies muscles and the ability for person to do it is in direct relationship to muscle strength within the core center but having the ability to work the perineum within your everyday breathing just keeps the torso muscles in good tone through out your life.

Swimming demands development and control of breathing ability to have strength throughout the body and endurance and finding the the most affective techniques that works the torso give the arms, hands and legs and feet the force to swim longer and stronger. The perineum is one area of the core that has to be develop in conjunction with your physical sport of choice. Think of the perineum as trigger point in relation to using the core and the upper part of the body for breathing. The ideas behind the word core is not simple because it is used in so many different ways so understanding is complex. There is a foundational understanding that is needed to be known in general way and if a person wants to know how to use the core within their sport and it will be different within each sports. There is real interaction between the center of the core and the perineum movement and how to develop this relationship creates greater force ability within physical movement.

What prevents a person from engaging the core area and the perineum during their breathing process is stress in shoulders. When a person has tight shoulder muscles, this muscle state disengages the core muscles (the mind is focus on the shoulder and not on the body) and limits range of torso muscles to move to form breathing ability. When person uses their shoulders as their main force as they are swimming, limits their breathing ability which affects endurance and strength to the hands and feet. There is a ratio factor between using core muscles and shoulders muscles and the greater the person moves their muscle force from core to using the shoulders muscles will lesson endurance and strength that will affect the ability to generate force in movement. Core/breathing development is the source of your physical forces and then the mind has to learn how to direct that force for endurance. The perineum muscle part of the core, has to be part of the whole development and usage of the core within any sport. There are two parts to core/breathing one is general exercise but then learning to use core in their physical exercise as the main force over using the shoulder muscles.

The more stress in shoulders the less connection to the core and the ability to engage the perineum as part of forming persons breath is not possible. Stress lowers breath range but if a person develops perineum engage breathing has the affect of not letting stress build up in shoulders. If person uses the core they cannot use the shoulders. The affect on the over all torso muscle can not be over state for it release muscles to move or muscles in the lung area have less resistance to move in inhaling and exhaling. The strength factor when the perineum is part of core force enhance all parts within swimming or other sports.

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