The Power of Good!  

by Pool Builders on 03-04-2013 in Articles

This year I find myself as an entrepernuar for over 21 years. Starting my first business at the age of 21, I was young and dumb. Maybe a tad dumber even then the common 21 year old, but fortunate to have a boss through my previous years that treated customers right and constantly chose to do the right thing. Over these years I have seen companies rise and fall and there seems to be one common denominator with every company that has gone out of business. This would be a lack of producing "goodness" with their customers.
In the swimming pool business, many companies get started when the weather is hot and bail out in the rainy cold summers. This stems from the attitude of the "get rich quick" mindframe...which the swimming pool business is able to produce. However, the tactics that these companies use, stem from an attitude of getting rich quick and not providing goodness for their customers. For example, the swimming pool industry is known for the bait and switch sales tactic which means advertising a product for an exeptionally low price then once the customer comes to see the product, the product is not in stock, but a regularly priced product is, and that's the one that gets pushed on the customer. Another common practice is the "price will go up as soon as you leave the store" tactic. This is a very high pressure tactic and continuously creates a negative vibe within the customer. Even if the sale is made and the money gets placed in the salesman's pocket, the customer is left with a mediocre experience.
This being said, I have seen no, not one, company that uses these tactics stay in business over the years. Plus, I wonder what the experience of these companies must be on a day to day basis in which they have to sleep at night knowing the high pressure and choking tactics that they are applying upon their unsatified customers every day.
Over the last 26 years, these companies have risen and fallen, but the companies that have worked on a day to day basis providing concern with their customers experience and attention to their complete satisfaction are still here...and will be for as long as they provide this level of service.
Goodness is the foundation of all that makes us attracted to something or someone. If it provides goodness, then we want it and if it does not, then we are not satisfied with it and we move on looking for goodness. If you are a company that provides goodness in what you do, and have a bit of business common sense, then you will stay around for as long as you choose.

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