The Relationship Between Stainless Steel and Pools

by Pool Builders on 07-07-2012 in Articles

Summer time means temperatures are rising, kids are out of school, backyard cookouts are planned and hopefully, somewhere in this summer picturesque scene, a pool is involved. It is way too hot not to involve endless swimming days into the mix. With that said, today I am going to focus on pools and the relationship pool design has with stainless steel.

This metal is incorporated into pool design in different ways. Consider what you need the material for and where it will be used before diving into purchasing it for this project. Think about if you are going to need the item to be fully submerged or saturated all the time. For instance, pool ladders and diving board structures fall into this category. Alternatively, do you need to design areas that shall only get splashed instead, such as changing rooms, bathrooms and/or seating areas?

Grades 304 and 316 are commonly used for all of the above locations. For the more drenched areas, choose type 316. Its crevice corrosion resistance makes it an ideal choice. Of course, ask a professional that specializes in steel to discover what your options are and which works best to meet your needs. Once you have the necessary information then it is time to consider your design. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Have you discussed what type of surface finish you would like the design to have? Are you looking for a shiny metal look or matte? Is it possible to incorporate straight, seamless lines to avoid any crevices from growing in other areas? What about safety? When considering safety it is vital to think about how much weight shall bear down on this particular area ensuring you make it sturdy. Additionally, what type of welding is required to create the design look you desire? Did you research what it takes? Have you found specialists to work with who can execute this properly? These are all things to consider when designing a pool with this type of metal.

The layout, design and material you use are all important to this project but don't forget to include proper inspection. Be certain the structure follows guidelines and codes. Make sure everything is up to par. Also, do not forget to purchase the proper cleaning material and/or brushes.

If you meticulously research and strategize all of these aspects before making structural changes then you shall save yourself the burden of headaches down the road.

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