The Right Manual Pool Supplies

by Pool Builders on 04-21-2010 in Articles

Pool supplies are necessary in order to keep a well-functioning swimming pool. Most pool owners decide to bring in all pool supplies possible for the maintenance of the tip-top condition of their pool. Thus, they always try to have the best supplies in the market. However, these best pool supplies come in best pricey amounts as well because, usually, prices also speak of quality.

But not only those with much money can afford to keep their pool in a tip-top condition. Some owners who are low on the budget can settle with manual pool supplies that will provide the same effect on the pool although they consume a little more time and effort compared to the automatic ones.

For those low in budget, the mostly prioritized pool supply is the skimmer because it is the one used to collect leaves and other debris that are floating in the swimming pool. It does not a lot of energy since it is light in weight and easier to grip by hand.

The one used to scrub the softest to the hardest stains, dirt and algae that stick to the walls and floor of your pool is the nylon-bristle brush. They are safe and are non-abrasive and so will not scratch the tiles of your pool.

In cleaning, bear in mind to prioritize the tiles of your pool so as to brush away the calcium scales and the mildews (which are health dangers) that usually settle on it. Start brushing the walls first before proceeding to the floor. If you cannot find a nylon-bristle brush, you can also use pumice stones instead which are also capable of removing dirt from your pool tiles.

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