The Several Things You Need to Know Before You Sign Your Infant Up For Swimming Lessons  

by Pool Builders on 11-15-2012 in Articles

Some may think it is very unwise to sign your infant up for baby swimming classes, but it can actually be a good idea to allow your child to become accustomed to water at an early age. Before your child takes their first lesson, there are some things you need to be aware of.

When Should the First Lesson Begin?

Most experts agree that a child should not take their first swimming lesson before the age of 4. Because this recommendation comes from some of the country's leading paediatricians, many parents will not allow their babies to enter the water prior to that age.

This widely held belief has not stopped a growing number of parents from letting their children take swimming lessons while they are still infants. The lessons are not allowing them to swim, they are teaching your infant to become comfortable in and around water. Although there are not any guidelines as to when a child should enter the water for the first time with a parent or other responsible adult, it may be safer to wait until the child is able to support the weight of their head on their own.

How Do You Prepare Your Child For A Swimming Lesson?

When a parent decides to enrol their child into baby swimming classes, they will not be left with a lot of questions. Helpful information and support is available from the moment a parent signs their infant up for one of these classes. Even though these classes are usually labelled as €Mummy and Me Time€, or something similar, fathers are also encouraged to attend the classes with their child. If this is the first time you have ever attended a class like this, you can ask if you and your child can sit in on one or two lessons. This will give you an opportunity to see how organized the instructor is. You should also take notice to see if a lifeguard is on duty.

It does not matter whether your infant will be involved in swimming lessons, or if you will just allow them to get a feel for the water, you should take precautions beforehand:

€ Protection from the sun - If your child will be swimming in a pool that is located outside, make sure you have the necessary sunscreen to protect their skin from damage.

€ Take a course in Infant CPR - This one tip could potentially save your child's life.

Children of all ages love to be in and around water. Make sure you take the necessary precautions so you and your child can enjoy the bonding time more.

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