The Stages of Pool Construction  

by Pool Builders on 09-17-2011 in Articles

Deal with leading swimming pool construction companies who can offer the kind of service that you are looking for and can provide quality and structural guarantee of every swimming pool they build.

Well-known pool construction companies employ friendly and experienced design team who are in the best position to give you advice and guidance on your pool building plans as well as assist with all the aspects of choosing and deciding for the swimming pool design that you are looking to have.

If you have plans of building a pool, never scrimp on your budget especially when looking for builders. You can find a multitude of pool contractors who can offer the price that you can well afford. However, you have to consider a lot of things before you grab the offer in order to prevent problems in the future which may cost you more than your investment. Builders offering professional and experienced design advice may be a bit expensive, but you can be sure that you get more than the amount you invested.

Every swimming pool construction project should be personally supervised and managed by your chosen builder. It is important that you ensure to get full support of the project manager at all times and in every stages of the pool construction.

Planning is usually done by an Engineer after making a survey in your area and once you have agreed on the design you want for your pool. The plans drawn by the Engineer has to be checked and certified by a Building Certifier. Once everything has been certified and approved, your hired builder can start the construction of your pool. You, as the property owner and the project manager will mark out the swimming pool to your desired shape and size.

The next process will be the excavation and temporary fencing. Reinforcing and internal plumbing works follow and done in strict accordance to the specifications of the Engineer. Once done, engineering inspection is conducted and if there are no problems, concreting works can then commence. Concrete mould will be sprayed and left for about three weeks to allow a curing period during this time; the external plumbing work will begin followed by tiling and then laying of coping tile bands. The next step will be the installation of filtration system and the interior lining of the pool with the material and finish you chose. After all these are done, the cleaning and the clearing process will take place before the pool is filled with water and treated with chemicals.

An outstanding pool construction company will make sure that everything is in perfect functioning state and order before turning it over and declare that the project is fully completed. Ask to be fully informed of all the operating procedures as well as all aspects of proper maintenance and care procedures.

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