The Statistical Truth Regarding Swimming Pools - Are They Something You Will Regret Buying  

by Pool Builders on 06-27-2008 in Articles

As for items that are listed on most everyones "big" wish list, swimming pools are generally located way up near the top, along with winning the lottery. However; have you ever heard the saying that warns you to "be careful what you wish for"? Is is possible that people can actually have a swimming pool installed in their backyard and then wish that they had never done it?

Buyers Remorse for Swimming Pools?

Recent research has determined that there is a measurable percentage of swimming pool owners that feel these exact emotions. They had a swimming pool installed and then wished they had never done it. However; there were correlating factors found in this same study that were able to connect swimming pool owners experiencing buyers remorse with basic recognizable commonalities.

A Better Deal??

Expense was the major factor that played into determining whether or not a swimming pools owner was happy or not with their final results. Surprisingly however, those who claimed expence as the number one mitigating factor in their feelings of regret, claimed that their overall negative feelings were aggravated when they found out that they could have gotten a far better deal on their swimming pool.

Amazing New Look

The end results of this recent study found out, surprisingly, that many of todays new built in swimming pool owners are learning that they can now get twice the pool for a veritable fraction of the cost too late. Todays radically redesigned, decorative above ground pools now can be installed with a deep-end, diving board and water slide. Also, with a complete easy to install, all natural, wooden wrap around deck and custom decorative pool liner, it is difficult to differentiate todays prefab pools from a standard built in.

Still a Far Better Deal

While housing values have declined in recent times, the cost of a standard, cement built in swimming pool has continued to increase. Simultaneously, the overall cost of todays amazing, newly redesigned above ground swimming pools and their accessories has continued to remain more affordable than ever.

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