The Step by Step Process of Building Pools and Spas  

by Pool Builders on 07-22-2013 in Articles

Think possibilities when it comes to designing and building your custom swimming pool. Explore the newest technology and the hottest swimming pool designs and landscapes. Consider techniques that add unique architectural elements and flare. Want to know more about what goes into building and designing our in ground concrete swimming pools? The following is an overview of the process and necessities Presidential Pools will provide to build your new in ground custom swimming pool.

If fence removal is done by Presidential Pools, it will be scheduled at the time of excavation. If removal is through you, you must notify us upon completion so that excavation can be scheduled.

Phase 2:: Layout
The outline of the pool will be spray painted on the ground per plan so you can approve the shape and location of your custom swimming pool. Any alterations to the placement of the pool or spa in your yard are best handled at this point. Your signature on the layout acceptance form will help us to proceed to the next phase of your swimming pool construction.

Phase 3:: Excavation
Pool is excavated and laid out 6€ larger than the finished dimensions in all directions. Forming material will be placed around the excavation of your pool or spa. This feature is to ensure a 6€x12€ bond beam. Removal of dirt will be done the day of excavation. If you need extra dirt for landscaping, please be present to direct the placement of the dirt. Any dirt left will be your responsibility to either use or dispose of. You will need to sign the plan for the amount of dirt to be left.

Phase 4:: Plumbing & Equipment
Non-corrosive schedule 40 PVC with schedule 40 fittings will be used on the plumbing throughout. At this time pool equipment will be set and placed per plan.

Phase 5:: Steel
3/8€ diameter steel reinforcing rebar to be placed throughout the pool structure. Concrete spacers insure the steel is not against the wall or the floor of the pool. This system allows shotcrete to evenly distributed under and above steel. Our custom swimming pools are professionally engineered to ensure the structural integrity for the life of the pool.

Phase 6:: Electric
Electric wiring and all grounding will meet or exceed National Electric Code standards. Ground fault interrupter devices will be installed for protection against electric fault. If you lock your electric panel, please make sure that you unlock it once the plumbing phase has been completed.

Phase 7:: City Inspection
The gate must be unlocked for access. The municipality that issued your pool permit will inspect plumbing, steel and electric work and approve the pool for shotcrete.

Phase 8:: Shotcrete
Pneumatically applied concrete is used to create your custom swimming pool shell. Unless otherwise stated in your contract, the water curing of your pool is your responsibility. Water curing is critical and must be done four times a day for four days by spraying the pool shell down with water. This is done to prevent premature curing and to minimize shrinkage cracks in the shell. Please call us if there are any questions in this important step of construction.

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