The Story Of The Adirondack Chair Is Still Unfolding  

by Pool Builders on 01-15-2011 in Articles

Although Thomas Lee is credited with the original concept and design of the Adirondack chair, the one he built in 1903, the patent for its design was granted to carpenter, Harry Bunnell in 1905, the person who perfected it. Lees chair was the result of his desire to construct a chair that would be both useful and comfortable, and ideal for the typical terrain of the Adirondack Mountains where he was vacationing at the time with his family. Today, Adirondack chairs are easily identified by their distinctive, slat-based construction, with wide flat armrests, and angled seats and backrests, the very same features that Lee incorporated in his final creation.

While the core elements of the chair have been retained, furniture makers to such furniture pieces as love seats footrests gliders tables benches rocking chairs and many others have adapted its basic design. Even though earlier versions of the Adirondack chair were made of natural wood, those available today are built of several other materials, including synthetic resin and fabricated wood. The chair also comes in an extensive variety of attractive colors. All of which go well with any outdoor dcor and environment.

Todays Adirondack chairs amply demonstrate comfort and utility value. Their slanted backrests and seats make them extremely comfortable to sit up or recline on the flat and wide armrests are a safe base for snacks and drinks and because they sit rather close to the ground, they are the perfect chairs to use for beaches, patios, porches, gardens and other outdoor spaces. As of now, furniture makers are still tinkering with the basic design of these chairs, which is why the century-old story of these highly popular chairs is still unfolding.

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