The Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 11-17-2010 in Articles

A swimming pool is an attempt to create a safe, convenient environment in which to swim. However, they are quite expensive to install and to maintain. If you live in one of the temperate zones, it is probable that you can find a river, lake or stretch of sea to swim in during the summer months. If you live in the tropics then you can swim all year round but the waters are likely to be more perilous.

So, a swimming pool is an ideal alternative. Public swimming pools are OK, but you have to pick your times carefully or the water is full of ill-mannered kids frolicking about or old individuals simply standing in the way of dedicated swimmers.

This can be very annoying and frustrating, which are two of the emotions you went to the pool to divest yourself of after a difficult day. You can in fact come out feeling more frustrated and annoyed than you went in.

The answers are: join a private swimming club or spa; build your own pool; or marry someone who is wealthy. If you have the money, the best option of all is to have your own pool.

Although a swimming pool is expensive, it is not money wasted. Not only will a swimming pool encourage you to adopt a (more vigorous) fitness regime, a well-made swimming pool it will also add hugely to the value of your property.

People like to move into a home with a pool, because then they do not have to endure builders and mounds of soil and jack-hammers and dumpers and noise for weeks and weeks on the trot.

Even better is if the pool has been well cultivated with trees and bushes in the right places to supply shade if required and sweetly scented plants and bushes to supply wonderful smells waftting over on a breeze. All this should be set in a well-manicured lawn.

It is to be expected that you will have to have some form of pool fence, depending on where you live, so check on that, but set the fence as far back from the pool as you can or are permitted. You do not would like to feel hemmed into your swimming pool.

There are two options with pools; above and below ground. But there is no real choice if you have the space and money - it has to be below ground each time.

One of the cheapest options of underground swimming pools is to use fibreglass. It is a far cheaper way than a lot of people realize. In fact, it passes most people by because they do not know about it. However, imagine all the labour it saves on butyl liners, waterproofing, tiling, grouting, etc.

The fibreglass pool is lowered into a hole and then you paint it - blue or green or turquoise, if you cannot make up your mind; tile the border and you are done. Then it is on with your favourite swimming costume and in you go.

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